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Evolution of Immunity in Invertebrates

have been found in moths, grasshoppers, and flies, as well as lower vertebrates. This suggests that antibody-based defense systems, although only active in vertebrates, found their roots in the invert ...

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This is all about the immune system, how it works, and what it does.

uch as pneumonia, cancer or tuberculosis. Then the victim's body becomes defenseless.In the antigen-antibody response your body is fighting proteins and chemicals (antigens) that don't belong. Antibod ... bodies are formed. When your immune system recognizes the antigen, it forms specific antibodies. An antibody is a substance made by an animal in response to a specific antigen. The antibody binds up t ...

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Biology career research on immunology

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Description of the five types of antibodies generated by the humoral aspect of the adaptive immune response

d in blood. They are the antibodies involved in some allergies. IgE is slightly larger than the IgG antibody. It is secreted by plasma cells in skin, mucosae of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tr ... s or chronic parasitic infections of the gastrointestinal tract.IgG - The most abundant and diverse antibody in plasma, accounting for 75-85% of circulating antibodies. It protects against bacteria, v ...

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Antibiotic resistance

DNA mutations, sexual DNA transformation or harboring plasmids. Most scientists blame the bacterial antibody resistance to overuse of medications and household disinfectants. Antibiotic use promotes d ...

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Monoclonal antibodies

odies are required• An immune response takes place and the mouse plasmacells start to make the antibody• Plasma cells are extracted from the mouse• The plasma cells are fused with B cel ... nd to which coloured latex particles are attached - when the pad is moistened, the molecules of the antibody begin to move• The sampler is dipped into urine - if HGC is present, it will bind to t ...

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Latex products in the work pla

t not life threatening. This is the opposite of Type I reactions. Type I reactions are caused by an antibody called IgE which recognizes the cause of the allergy from previous exposure." "The Type I a ...

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How and why do vaccines work?

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Immune System

type of antigen and come into the contact of the antigen.A clone of identical cells is derived.The antibody circulates as part of the gamma globulin fraction of the blood plasma.Antibody destroys the ... produced by memory cells.Human blood system is of ABO type. Antigen A is present in blood group A, Antibody B is produced for the destruction of antigen A and vice versa for antigen B. Both the antig ...

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Role of ABO and RH type in Platelets Transfusion

nificant hemolysis. The determinant factor for hemolysis depends on the concentration the amount of antibody transfused as well as the blood type of the donor. With O being highest in concentration an ... ility occurs when red cells that have a surface antigen is being transfused to patient that has the antibody to the antigen. For example when B platelets are transfused to a group 0 recipient. This re ...

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