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Introduction to Computer Architecture

pecifies the meaningful operation, but to fulfill it the processor needs the collaboration of other units and peripherals. And that collaboration is made available using the three buses. This is the v ...

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The Central Processing Unit (CPU)

hat they are single devices. The main components of the CPU are the Control Unit (CU) Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) registers cache.Level of instructionsHigh-Level languageMo ... ctions from memory and then carrying out the instructions. It creates control signals that tell the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and the registers how to operate, what to operate on, and what to do wit ...

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Background Material

nown in mainframe computers as:CPU: stands for "central processing unit" and it contain: The arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) The control unit The memory2. Motherboard:A ci ...

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Turing Notes

the brain of the computer, there are 3 partsControl unit (CU): the 'boss' or 'manager' of resourcesArithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): performs mathematical operationsOn-chip memorySoftware:The programs use ... ode) which can be in the following categories:Data transfer (moving data back and forth from memory)Arithmetic/logic statements (eg. 4+3, is 4>3)Control operations (affect the flow of the program e ...

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For example, a program might store data in a printer buffer until the printer is ready to print.ALU Arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) in a computer is the part of the central processing unit that perfor ... logic operations on data.Accumulator Accumulator is a special register, or memory location, in the arithmetic and logic unit of the computer processor. It is used to hold the result of a calculation ...

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Computer Operations Paper

ifferent parts of the computer function by activating and controlling the operation. It consists of arithmetic and logic units, control unit and internal memory (registers). The control unit of the CP ... e hardware operations, i.e., those of input units, output units, memory unit and the processor. The arithmetic and logic units in computers are capable of performing addition, subtraction, division an ...

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