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1971 Attica Prison Riots

On the day of September 9,1971 there was an incident that changed the U.S. It was the Attica Prision Riots. Prisioners seized control of the Correctional Facility taking several hostages ... tain demands like better living conditions including showers, education and vocational training.The attica prision riots was an important event in criminology for many reasons. One reason is this even ... want to use a mare stragegic plan where I would control the prisoners from gettting out of hand.The Attica Prison Riots changed criminology. It showed us that the government can make pooor decisions a ...

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The Attica Prison Riot of 1971 and Its Impact on Prison Reform.

The Attica Prison Riot of 1971 alarmed and outraged society. The public outrage brought about long overd ... icials which in turn made it blatantly obvious that the prison system was in need of massive reform.Attica spawned the prison reform movement and over the past thirty years many policies have been cha ... ed and modified.Some changes that have occurred either as a direct result or indirect result of the Attica Riot are that inmates are now confined to there cells for a shorter period of time on a daily ...

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