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Critical Analysis of Goodfellas

Yiqi "Ricky" Li

MGT 301


The Goodfellas was narrated by the main character Henry Hill. Henry explained the life of a gangster in an Italian mob. The movie began showing a young Henry who was infatuated with the Italian mob. He stated "As far as back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster" (Goodfellas, 1990). That statement created a visual for the audience that he will one day be a part of the Italian mob. The movie continued showing a young, determined Henry striving to earn a place in the organization.

As Henry earned a name for himself in the organization, he came across two men James Conway and Tommy DeVito. Together they strived to work their way up the mob hierarchy. They did a lot of great things that landed them power, money, and success. Then they did some bad things that later ruined their business and themselves.

At the end Henry was the only one that was alive and free. Henry life as a gangster was now over and he was forced to live a normal life.

The theories and concepts that will be discussed in this analysis are self-concept, core self-evaluations, McClellan's need theory, organizational Politics, affirmative action, and conflict.

The first concept that is analyzed in the movie is Henry's self-concept. At the beginning of the movie harry saw himself being a gangster. He considered himself as a gangster a young age. He was attracted to this role because he would be respected and he can do whatever he wants. Henry had a high self-esteem throughout the whole movie. He kept a positive view of himself in majority of the movie. When harry got busted at the end of the movie he knew...