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Why Menzies Committed Australia to the Vietnam War

Australia taking active part in the politics of the south East Asian region. In august 1962, thirty Australian Army Instructors arrived to assist in training the South Vietnamese Army.Menzies believed ... etnam leader was assassinated claims that the south Vietnamese government had made a request to the Australian government for military assistance, which involved in the sending over of Australian troo ...

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Vietnam Letters - Fictional Writings of a Tunnel Rat

st Infantry. Originally called "Tunnel Runners" by the 25th Infantry Division, and "Ferrets" by the Australian Army, the term "Tunnel Rat" soon became their official accepted name. The tunnel rats wer ... e JohnSergeant Heart joined the Tunnel Rats the day after writing this letter. Within the week, the Australian unit discovered a vast complex of tunnels, dug 60 feet deep in some places, which turned ...

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Eulogy - The Death of my good friend.

st of friends.Johnny pursued his long life dream endorsed by his father's foot steps by joining the Australian Army to serve his country. He was constantly upbeat for new adventures and journeys being ... ed the Medal of Honour (Australia's highest granted award), and promoted 2nd Lieutenant Rank of the Australian Infantry Battalion, for being one of the few survivors and leaders to defeat the opposing ...

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Gallipoli film review

1. It portrays the lives of two young men called Archie and Frank who believe that if they join the Australian army, they will experience a great adventure and become heroes. The film is devoted to th ... round in Egypt were captured perfectly by Peter Weir.The final battle is a massive bloodbath of the Australian soldiers as they continue to go over the top of the trenches and are brutally gunned down ...

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Australian Prisoners of War during World War 2

e no evidence to back up this vague belief however many Japanese men still fought to the death. The Australian soldiers captured in World War 2 by the Japanese, in the eyes of the Japanese, did not ha ... 2 by the Japanese, in the eyes of the Japanese, did not have the right to live. To the Japanese the Australian POWs were human garbage and deserved to die, this is the reason why the POWs captured by ...

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Encountering conflict

ingly some individuals having the selfish desire to aquire more than they need. This can be seen in Australian history with the relationship between the federal government and the "pronounced and aggr ... relationship between the federal government and the "pronounced and aggravated views" of indigenous Australians and their actions within a "western society". On the 21st of June 2007, John Howard anno ...

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