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Issues of discriminations against gay and lesbian couples (specifically in australia)

posure or harassment.SuperannuationIn the most defined superannuation benefits schemes, such as the Australian Public Service schemes a "spouse" may be paid either a lump sum payment or a pension or b ... mity in Australia's age of consent laws affects not just gay men and lesbians but also heterosexual Australians as it leaves criminality dependent upon the State or Territory in which a person happens ...

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Gay and Lesbians in Australia: legal disadvantages

o not be discriminated against. Many pieces of legislation have been passed also. These include The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 (Cth) which established the Human Rights and ... l and non-legal methods of addressing the issue have had some effect although, due to the nature of human beings, discrimination still exists in many areas. If the legal system were to change, the eff ...

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Does Australia Need A Federal Bill Of Rights? Discus with reference to specific cases and legislation

and reinforces the basic rights of all human beings. But does Australia Need a Bill Of Rights? The Australian Constitution does not include a specific section detailing the rights of the individual, ... hence, I believe that A Bill of Rights is something that is not required to be integrated into the Australian Constitution. There are a number of arguments which I believe support the idea that Austr ...

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This is complete with laws which assist Migrants in Australia

ociety. However there are many disadvantages for this group of people. The Status of migrants under Australian law, the mechanisms available for migrants to achieve justice and the effectiveness of th ... ibute in Australia's economic and national welfare. For example they must get a job and work in the Australian society.Refugees/humanitarian migrants are people who migrate to Australia from their hom ...

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Legal methods of Challenging State power: What are the methods (legal and non-legal) of challenging state power - support answer with cases and examples

detention for extended periods of time are at a greater risk of mental illnesses as well as finding Australian authorities had breached human rights responsibilities several times since 1999 as outlin ... appoint an independent guardian for unaccompanied children. The commission also suggested that the Australian government should change their mandatory detention policy on refugees, and also that the ...

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Business Conduct in the Mining Industry

locals, respecting the dignity of Indigenous communities (Paine et al. 2005). A publication by the Australian Human Rights Commission, suggests that corporate responsibility requires the incorporatio ... enue Transparency (2013), many of the locals interviewed were concerned that mineral exploration by Australian mining companies would intrude on their land, devastating spiritual forests and demolish ...

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