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The Ups and Downs of the east India Comany

ete monopolies of the regions they controlled. So the Hudson Bay Company traded in Canada while the Baltic Company traded in Russia. But the most important and profit making company was the East India ...

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Did Russian settlers in Latvia and Estonia form a non-Soviet identity during the Diaspora of the USSR?

familiar place.The question over Russian settlers in the republics is no more prominent than in the Baltic States of Estonia and Latvia, not least because of the unusually high ratio of Russians speak ... atvia and Estonia's nod towards their independence into a popular political ideology for the native Baltic. This is where we see the first political cracks between the immigrants and the natives begin ...

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Save the Baltic Sea ! Efforts that should be made!

Save the Baltic SeaBaltic Sea is bounded by Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, and ... understand thoroughly that the biggest source of this danger is the rapidly depleting oxygen in the Baltic Sea. There are a lot of areas at the bottom of sea where there is no oxygen at all. Naturally ... l weapons-up to 300,000 tons-confiscated from the Nazis were packed onto ships that got sunk in the Baltic. The containers are rusting and have started to leak. This is a very dangerous problem becaus ...

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Is Latgalian a language?

an empire- there was a very important difference- Kurzeme and Vidzeme together with Estonia was the Baltic province while Latgale was a part of another Russian province and with this did not have the ... while Latgale was a part of another Russian province and with this did not have the priorities the Baltic province had. For example- bondage was abolished in 1817 in Kurzeme, in 1819 in Vidzeme and o ...

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The Gallipoli Gamble - What were the factors that led to it's failure?

not want to send in his best ships, because he thought they would be needed against Germans in the Baltic. He was worried that the ships might be damaged or sunk by Turkish guns, which, three ships a ...

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A summary of the hanseatic league

of cities as it was a league of merchant associations within the cities of Northern Germany and the Baltic. Trade in the middle ages was a dangerous and risky business and the only way for merchants t ... arkets they supplied. There was a Rhennish third based on the Rhine trade, a Wendish third based on Baltic shipping out of Luebeck, and a Prussian third based on the trade of grain from the lands of t ...

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Cuban Missile Crisis

at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. In it he uttered this ominous sentence: "From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent of Europe." Th ...

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Marketing Hansabank.

g their everyday life better.Background:Hansabank Group is the largest financial institution in the Baltic countries with total assets exceeding EUR 5.7 billion and shareholders equity close to EUR 0. ... wer; however, as a universal bank, it also serves all customer groups.Hansabanks home market is the Baltics, but it also serves niche segments in Russia.Segmentation:* Private Clients* Corporate Clien ...

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High Middle Ages

ceased. The advance of Christian kingdoms and military orders into previously pagan regions in the Baltic and Finnic northeast brought the forced assimilation of numerous native peoples to the Europe ...

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