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Sensory Writing

g I had some. I can taste the hamburgers as somebody walks by with one. The warm meat, with a sweet barbecue sauce is delicious. Then, a man on a loud intercom yells for the players to come out ...

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Tom Jenkins BBQ

combines rustic character with southern country charm, southern styled menu and a tantalizing house sauce to create a one of a kind experience.This unique experience begins the moment you approach the ... , potato salad and corn bread. However, Tom Jenkins is mainly known for its barbeque dishes and its sauce. The barbeque ribs and chicken are slow cooked in a deep pit brick oven smoldered with smoke f ...

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The car was a mess

lets were shot threw, in severalspots. The back seat was stained with mustard, pickles, and barbequesauce. There was a big Mac left in the back seat fresh, I could almosttaste the fresh meat grilled o ...

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Barbeque: Descriptive writing including person, place, object, and/or event and the 5 senses if possible.

I grabbed the lightly toasted bottom of the hamburger bun and spread some Sweet Baby Rays barbeque sauce across the bun I laid the hamburger patty on top the bun and tossed a few slices of onions, to ...

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New Customer Aquisition-Smith System Consulting

dability for Maytag.To most consumers Kraft is synonymous with Cheese products. Salad dressing, barbecue sauce, and many other products marketed under the Kraft brand do not have as strong results ...

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