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The Style of James K Baxter with reference to at least two of his poems.

and allusions.In the Wild Bees, he talks about a situation when he and his friend go out to smoke a beehive one evening to get the honey from it. The very simple language makes it easy for the average ...

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Pornography and the Internet

mputer monitors and advertising billboards."Advertisers mess with sex like a naughty boy pokes at a beehive: excited by the buzz but poised to flee the consequences." (Bob Carlos Clarke)The biggest ve ...

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Journal Review: "Dim Forest, Bright Chimps" (Author: Boesch, Christophe and Boesch-Achermann, Hedwige).

se objects are used to crack open hard nuts, extract termites from their nests or even honey from a beehive. The chimps learn to use these tools with extreme precision, which make them more effective ...

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12 minutes first person view

forever, but it was only 5 minutes. She came out of her class like a bee waiting to get out of the beehive, but 5 minutes before she came out, I thought for about a couple minutes thinking back when ...

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Tax system definition

ment information, it has increasingly become complex since the first income tax issued in 1891 ( New Zealand tax system imposes the economic costs with three components, which are ... rising from the costs of compliance and administration, and the effects on taxpayer behaviour" (www.beehive.govt). These three components represent the operating costs of New Zealand tax system.Compli ...

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Cultural Times

r parents, so they had a different style then there parents. The girls wore tight dresses and had a beehive hairstyle. Girls who did not want "to reveal too much" (27), were classified as the American ...

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