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Pascal and his formulas.

pascal triangleThe Pascal triangle (actually known long before Pascal) is a table of the binomial coefficients where the (n, k)th entry is .Each entry is the sum of the pair immediately abo ... e (n, k)th entry is .Each entry is the sum of the pair immediately above it.binomial coefficientThe binomial coefficients are the coefficients of powers of x in the expansion of (1 + x)n.We havewhere ... fficient is the number of ways of choosing an (unordered) subset of size k from a set of size n.The binomial coefficients are the entries in the Pascal triangle.binomial theoremThe Binomial Theorem is ...

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Sir Isaac Newton

at have changed the way we see science today. Some of the theories were; there theory of light, the binomial theorem, the law of universal gravitation, he also invented the beginnings of calculus. He ...

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ups and downs

rn Sydney Region HSC Mathematics Extension 1-2 Study DayBankstown Senior College, September 2012THE BINOMIAL THEOREMRobert YenOutline1. Introduction 6. Finding the greatest coefficient2. Binomial expa ... oving identities involving the sum of3. nCk, a formula for Pascal's triangle coefficients nCk4. The binomial theorem in the past 10 HSC exams 8. Binomial probability5. Finding a particular term 9. How ...

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