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Name the biopolymer. Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) is a biodegradable plastic. Draw a structural diagram of ... weight. The organism is then harvested and the polymer is separated out. What properties does the biopolymer have? The properties of PHA are quite similar to polypropylene, these similarities are p ... halogenated solvents. It has good resistance to moisture and aroma barrier properties. What is the biopolymer used for? Relate your answer to its properties. PHAs are immunologically inert and are o ...

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Bioplastics: Polylactide aliphatic copolymer

Bioplastics are a new generation of biodegradable plastics made from synthetic biopolymers; its components are derived entirely or almost entirely from renewable raw materials. Bi ... e to petroleum-based polymers (traditional plastics).Polylactide aliphatic copolymer is a synthetic biopolymer made from a mixture of lactide and aliphatic polyester. A copolymer is made from 2 or mor ... by plants that can be used as a renewable fuel) of bioplastics (see fig1).Aliphatic polyester is a biopolymer made from condensation polymerisation of glycol and aliphatic dicarboxylic acids. Both co ...

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Information on the biopolymer poly-hydroxybutanoate (PHB)

a) Describe the process by which the biopolymer is produced naming any biological and chemical agents used to produce it.Biopolymers are ... produce is from 30%-80% of its own dry weight.b) Identify and describe some of the main uses of the biopolymer and relate these uses to the properties of the biopolymer.The flexibility of PHB allows f ... completely deteriorate by natural environment in a short amount of time.c) Evaluate the use of the biopolymer in terms of its impact on the environment and whether or not it represents a better alter ...

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