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'After all, y'know, we're respectable citizens and not criminals.' To what extent do you agree with Gerald? How does the author lead us to challenge this assertion?

e quote, but as the play goes on, nagging doubts start challenging the allegation. The whole of the Birling family, though however far-fetched, have seemingly contributed to the suicide of Eva Smith/D ... th of Eva Smith is considers as the result of a chain of events (which of course involve all of the Birlings). The Birlings are a very high class and noble family compared to the rest of the people i ...

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How does Priestly use the from of the inspector in "An Inspector Calls?"

The arrival of InspectorGoole undermines the paths of authority within the household, the power Mr. Birling has seems insignificant in the prescense of the Inspector. I believe this suggests that Prie ... power you have you should always treat others equaly. Throughout the play Goole does not treat the Birling family with excess respect. The inspector treats everyone the same. This suggests that he is ...

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