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Why Is Downhill Running So Difficult" - Amby Burfoot Runner's World - April 2004

h the story of Grete Waitz, one of the most famous female runners in the world. She was running the Boston Marathon in 1982 and was a good three minutes ahead of the nearest competitor. All of a sudde ... gs, practice makes perfect. Er . . . well, at least better. If you are training for a race like the Boston Marathon where there are extensive downhill stretches, you can build up your quads in prepara ...

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Marathon was an award-winning movie I have just recently watched. It was based on a true story of a ... ve just recently watched. It was based on a true story of a young autistic boy training to become a marathon runner. It was also on the boy's relationship to his mother. Although he is twenty years ol ... unning, his mother enters him into a variety of races, and soon decides that he should compete in a marathon, hoping him to achieve something every amateur runner dreams of: completing the race in les ...

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What Would Most Surprise People About You?

A dedicated athlete, I placed tenth in the 1997 Boston Marathon. Surprisingly enough, my participation was actually something of a whim. Prior to th ... s not competitive with those who competed internationally. Yet I was intrigued by the allure of the Boston Marathon and couldn't resist the urge to participate. As I investigated different training re ... lose friends, but it didn't lead to product endorsements or national television interviews. Yet the Boston Marathon literally changed my life. My confidence was bolstered by placing tenth in the most ...

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How Much Is Too Much? (Water Intoxication/Hyponatremia)

y published in the New England Journal of Medicine of four hundred eighty-eight runners in the 2002 Boston Marathon found that sixty-two, or more than eight percent, had a serious fluid and salt imbal ...

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Should We or Should We Not Abolish the Death Penalty?

Name Teacher Class Date ! Should We or Shouldn't We Abolish the Death Penalty? The 2014 Boston Marathon is approaching quickly. Last year's marathon, however, unfortunately had a different ... he closure for family, the lack of racial evidence, and the deterrence effect. When the news of the Boston Marathon appears most people have different opinion. What do you believe: Should Dzhokhar Tsa ...

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