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Rudyard Kipling and "The White Man's Burden".

yard Kipling had an extremely substantial influence on the people's views of the United States' and British Imperialistic philosophies through his writing of "The White Man's Burden." During the late ... ilosophies through his writing of "The White Man's Burden." During the late 1800's and early 1900's British Imperialism was on the rise, causing many mixed feelings between politicians and citizens as ...

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Comparative Politics of India and Pakistan Economy

n Planning Between India and Pakistan?s EconomyIndia and Pakistan were split up in the partition of British India in 1947. Pakistan was created in order to establish a separate homeland for India's Mu ...

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UN Recommendation for the Resolution of the Conflict in Jammu and Kashmir

nflict in Jammu and KashmirThe modern day dispute over Jammu and Kashmir was spawned in the wake of British India's 1947 independence and the subsequent partitioning of the subcontinent into two state ... reasonable expectations, and the best interests of the people of Kashmir.Upon the withdrawal of the British Empire from the Indian subcontinent, arrangements were made to partition the colony into two ...

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How has Australia's relation with Asian nations changed?

alia's relations with Asia changed rapidly. During the war Japan swept through South-East Asia. The British were defeated in Malaya, Borneo, Singapore and Burma. The French fell in Indochina, the Dutc ... cess at the start of World War II encouraged Asian nationalism. There were nationalist movements in British India led by Gandhi, in the Ditch East Indies led by Sukarno and in French Indochina by Ho C ...

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Over view of Pakistan Industry

be called the transition phase. In 1947 only 5 percent of the large-scale industrial facilities in British India were present in what became Pakistan. The country started with virtually no industrial ...

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and India. (W.B.O.1). The evolution of Pakistan began as a result of the reorganization in 1947 of British India into two different regions, East and West Pakistan. The third Pakistan war in 1971 cau ...

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The Future of Bangladesh - Myanmar Relationship and it's Effect on the Region

had traditional commercial and cultural ties since long. Besides, both the countries were under the British-India control for a considerable period of time.2. Although categorized as part of the South ...

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What drove England to colonize India, in the 19th century ?

Lord Palmerston, British prime minister, said in the 1820's "A barren island with hardly a house upon it."(Encarta 20 ... A barren island with hardly a house upon it."(Encarta 2007) referring to foreign lands. Indeed, the British believed the outside world, was "barren" and undeveloped, needing considerable help from a c ... barren" and undeveloped, needing considerable help from a considerably superior European power. The British India Company, whose charter was granted by Queen Elizabeth I, was a group of merchants with ...

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General Pervez Musharraf

n into a family of civil servants on August 11th, 1943. Ironically, he was born in city of Delhi in British India (5). After the split of British India into Pakistan and India, Musharraf's family migr ...

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Human Rights In Pakistan

The human rights commission of PakistanSince independence and partition from British India in 1947, Pakistani political institutions have been dominated by the military. Pakista ... for thirty of its fifty-eight years of independence. The Pakistani military is a descendent of the British Indian Army and has retained the institutional structure, culture, and imperial ethos of its ...

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The Long Walk By: Slavomir Rawicz

part of their daily diet. They end up making it out of the desert towards the Himalayas of northern British India. Many things happen in the Himalayas but in a short story they climb the mountains (kn ... needed to survive, and after they reach the foothills of the Himalayas they go on towards Calcutta, British India and live to tell the tale.Many problems were presented in The Long Walk, but only a ha ...

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Top Man by James Ullman

bers attempt to climb Kalpurtha (also known as K3), a mountain in the Himalayas. This is located in British India as the fourth highest peak in the world. No one has ever reached the top of the mounta ...

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How effective were Mahatma Gandhi's actions in encouraging non-violence in India?

o explore the basis for many people’s assumptions that non-violence was the only cause for the British withdrawal from India.B. Summary of EvidenceMahatma Gandhi’s crowning achievement must ... India.B. Summary of EvidenceMahatma Gandhi’s crowning achievement must be his role in removing British presence in India. He worked thirty years to achieve his dream, and on August 14 and 15, 194 ...

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