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How Magnets Affect Computer Disks

instructions mustalways be followed. Floppies have different capacities such as 720 KB (kilobytes) and 1.44 MB(megabytes). Floppies also have different sizes, 3.5' and 5.25'. The most commonly ... : Every Floppy Diskette has 2874 sectors. This was calculated by dividing the totalnumber of bytes on a disk by the number of bytes every sector occupies. There is a total of1,457,664 bytes on ...

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d of birds chirping. You turn on your new I B M compatible computer only to find that every bit and byte of information has been erased. A computer virus has struck.Yes, these small bits of computer c ...

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High Level Programming with C++ and Digital Interfacing [A Simple Laboratory Experiment]

individual switch and LED represented one bit of data and all eight of them together represented a byte.The C++ program provided was able to send a byte of data to the LEDs and was able to read a byt ... ed to spell out a word. Once compiled and run, the program output the binary code for the word, one byte at a time, to the LED panel. The switches were switched either up or down, according to the sta ...

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Notes on Java Programming.

anent Storage, larger storage, slower accessOne address location is 8 bits which is equivalent to 1 byte.*SOFTWARE-Applications - games, Microsoft Word, web browser, etc...-System - Operating System: ... dows, shells, icons, buttons, scroll barsINFORMATION STORAGE-Analog - continuous-Digital - broken upByte = 2^0 (1)KB = 2^10(2E10)MB = 2^20(2E20)GB = 2^30(2E30)TB = 2^40(2E40)2 values for every 1 bitBa ...

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Computers and the Internet.

The world today is dominated by the computer. Fourth graders use the words "modem", "hard drive", "byte", and "PC" in their normal, everyday vocabulary. Sixth graders speak of "e-mail" and "IM". By s ...

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How is data stored electronically and by what method?

age:The number of instructions and amount of data a computer can store in its memory is measured in bytes. One byte contains 8 bits (short for binary digits, 0 and 1). Computers work by using pulses o ... esent 1. 8 bits are normally needed to store one character. A single character can be stored in one byte. We normally refer to storage capacities in terms of kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB).1 KB = 1 ...

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Mp3 Players

player. The MP3 format is a compression system for music. This format helps to reduce the number of bytes in a song, without reducing the quality of the song's sound. The goal of the MP3 format is to ... o compress a CD-quality song by a factor of 10 to 14, without losing the CD sound quality. A 32 megabyte (MB) song on a CD compresses down to about 3 MB on MP3. This means you download a song off the ...

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Port Programming

the capabilities: * Read or write to a specified port.* Read or write and then wait for a specified byte or word pattern * Read or write in byte or word modes.* Enter or display data in either decimal ... Usage: port Arguments are in hex Commands: r read the port w write the port e Enter a byte (word in designated mode, hex or decimal) m Mode (x=hex, d=dec, b=byte, w=word) t n Toggle bit ...

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Addressing Modes

and format. By using instruction set, we can be able to understand where to find or locate certain byte or string to the accumulator or stack.While we were discussing an example in direct addressing ... ses to find operand, it is slower compared to other modes. It is also the transferring not only one byte but more words or more than one byte at a time.Examples of Direct Addressing:MOV [0105], BX : W ...

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