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ry simple commands that the computer executes. Toexecute a line of code in a language such as C, or C++, you would have to type in muchmore sophisticated lines of code that are much more confusing tha ... en C first came out, there were many major flaws in thelanguage so a new version had to be put out, C++. The main addition from C to C++ isthe concept of classes and templates. Many other small flaws ...

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C++ fully supports object-oriented programming which includes the following:Encapsulation is the pro ... aracteristic that an object can be used without the user knowing or caring how it works internally. C++ supports the properties of encapsulation through the creation of user-defined types, called clas ... rom an existing type and is sometimes called a derived type.Polymorphism is the ability of allowing C++ to support the concept that different objects do "the right thing". There is function polymorphi ...

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"Ivory trail" notes

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