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The Defeat of the Spanish Armada

nto the English Channel where it would link up with the Duke of Parma in the Spanish Netherlands at Calais. The Armada would then take the Duke of Parma's soldiers across the straight of Dover and the ... sible. The English vessels bothered and harassed doing a lot of damage until the Armada anchored at Calais. Here the Duke of Parma failed to show up and as a result the English saw an opportunity to a ...

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A Book Review: Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie

Christie, Agatha. Murder on the Orient Express or Murder in the Calais Coach, NewYork: Berkley Books 1933This story is a murder mystery.The story takes place on a t ... ystery.The story takes place on a train called the "Orient Express", headed toward Istanbul Trieste Calais in the middle of winter. The train becomes snowbound after it stops in Vincovci. This present ... the stop, killed Ratchet (Cassetti), and left the train at the same stop, or every passenger in the Calais coach that evening killed Ratchett (Cassetti). M. Bouc as director of the company decides tha ...

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The d-day.

o traveled it.There had been much discussion as to where the invasionary forces should land. Pas de Calais and Normandy were the two possible choices but since Calais was the heavier fortified of the ... r of casualties.Thinking the Normandy landings were just a diversion for a much heavier attack upon Calais, the Germans were slow to react. Once they realized Normandy was the true invasion they began ...

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The Battle of Normandy.

h peninsula of Normandy. The Nazis were expecting an attack on the northern coast of France, Pas de Calais, which was nearer Britain. The invasion was split up into two sectors, the British sector, an ...

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A paper about a mystery on the Orient Express train. Titled "The Great Train Mystery"

ned on the night of December 16, 1954 on the Orient Express, on its weekly journey from Istanbul to Calais.I. IstanbulI had traveled to Istanbul to get away from my normal life. Living on the Asian si ... med after a city that the train stopped at. He then told us that we were going to be staying on the Calais coach, which was the second to last stop on the train before London. The Calais coach therefo ...

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The Destructors

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