The Destructors

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The Destructors

What is the effect of writing this story in sections?

How successful is section 4 as an ending to the story?

Graham Greene's story ''the destructors'' is written in four different sections, all being separated by the specific numbers of that section. The main effect this has is to split the different parts of the story up so it makes it easier for the reader to see plot changes, ideas developing, the climax, ending etc. The first section introduces the characters and presents the idea of T.'s to destroy Old Misery's house. It then finishes with the end of the planning for the destruction of the house. This is effective because it creates suspense and atmosphere and it then flows effectively into part 2. Part 2 is the first day of destruction of the house. It shows some of the technical details that went into destroying the house such as the electrics, floorboards and door panels.

This part ends with the end of that day and all the boys going home; this wraps up this section of the story clearly and concisely. The third part of the story is then about the major, vigorous destruction going on in the house such as smashing windows, stairs and the flooding. It then has the major climax of the story which is when the boys find out Old Misery is on his way home-panic sets in. We then see how they solve the problem and it draws to a close with the boys having tricked and captured Old Misery and with a very effective line ''the noise could not even have reached his enemies.'' The final part finished up with a little part from the previous night but then leads into the next morning. It's about how they eventually bring...