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Imagery in "Reflections in the Golden Eye" by Carson Mc Cullers.

ight may be mostly related to conformity and the pressure some of the characters (Private Williams, Captain Penderton and Alison, for instance) have to deal with whereas the night or the setting sun m ... to deal with whereas the night or the setting sun may be associated with darker events, sorrow (the Captain's nights in his study), dangers (generally in the soldier's outings to the Captain's house a ...

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[ENGLISH] Science Fiction STORY ; PART 2

PART 2(8:00 the next morning .On the main deck, in the Captains cabin)"We must contact the U.S Space Marshals on this matter" the Captain sighed, beckoning ... , "It must be confidential. What has been said or seen in this room must stay in the room!" ordered Captain Tomwell, swiveling around in his chair to look at us."There will be a search party made and ... ty made and then they will investigate what is in the message and of course where it came from" the Captain said wearily, rubbing his temple in circular motions, "They have considered in sending some ...

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"The Secret Sharer" by Joseph Conrad.

The story of "The Secret Sharer" written by Joseph Conrad is about a Young Nameless Captain who was not sure of himself or of what he was doing aboard the ship. He feels strange aboard ... discover his true-self and his real purpose on the ship.They went to the Gulf of Siam the Nameless Captain was commanding a crew and a ship that he didn't know he felt insecure about his decisions an ... know he felt insecure about his decisions and most of all he felt insecure about himself. While the Captain is on board he sees a ship in a far distance, later on he would tell to the rest of the crew ...

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Letters from The Samantha

ent letters, of an ape brought aboard an iron-hulled sailing ship in 1909 by Samson Low, the ship?s captain. Although the author makes a point to tell the reader, through Samson Low, that the animal d ... rison of their personalities, appearances, and the way they are treated by others. Samson Low was a captain of a ship owned by the Green Star Line. He is a stickler for rules and the proper code of co ...

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