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creative writing assignment... about 4 men in antarctica (this is a SHORT STORY)

set out for the most inhospitable place on Earth. They left from the southern tip of Australia in a cargo ship named Kaluah. The ship packed with over 100 dogs, sleds, food, had enough supplies to las ... e earth. Eventually, the ice got so thick the ship had to stop.The team of explorers unloaded their cargo and began their trek to the South Pole. About a day into their voyage, the group ran into an i ...

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The Vergulde Draeck

nes was 4.1 metres in depth and was 41.8 metres in length and 9.8 metres in breadth. The ship was a cargo ship and carried only its cargo and crew. The ship was used as a trading ship.How and where wa ... rgulde Draeck hazardous. In early 1972 a full expedition was mounted to excavate the remains of the cargo and ship's fittings. Little remained of the vessel's structure and nothing of much value remai ...

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Free Trade

A cargo ship is slowly pushed to the docks by the tugboats. The ships crew prepares to unload its carg ... he docks by the tugboats. The ships crew prepares to unload its cargo. The special thing about this cargo is that its freight has no extra charge from the importing country. It was shipped without a t ...

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Europeans And Slaves

tions they experienced were remarkably different. Whether you came over as a slave in the hold of a cargo ship, or as a poor European in steerage, there were many obstacles you had to surmount. ... fact treated better than the African slaves due to the fact that buyers thought of the Africans as cargo and the Europeans as a labor group. Although slavery is a terrible part of our history, had it ...

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Classic Corruption-Chinese Literature

interesting piece of symbolism. By posing Lao Ts'an as a civilian in a boat outside, looking into a cargo ship inside, it shows how helpless the civilians are at trying to change anything. This is Liu ...

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