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The Atom

s, as 'the almost unanimous opinion ofGerman physicists' held. Rather, cathode rays were negatively charged particles boilingoff the negative cathode and attracted to the positive anode. These particl ... ftwhen electrons were stripped away from an atom was much more massive remainder thatwas positively charged, Thomson went on in the next decade to develop a model of theatom that came to be called the ...

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Talking about investigating the resistance of a wire

ich opposes the flow of an electric current around a circuit so that energy is required to push the charged particles around the circuit. The circuit itself can resist the flow of particles if the wir ... onsider when investigating the resistance of metals:1. Electrical conductivity involves movement in charged particles. An electrical current means they are Mobile Charged Carrier.In metals this means ...

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Terminology used in Chemistry.

become weakly attracted by the nucleus.As you go to the rite the no. Of neutrons in the nucleus (+) charged particles increases. This pulls the electrons towards the nucleus. Therefore making it more ...

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Metallic and Ionic bonding.

leable.Structure of MetalsModel of metal in solid state must be one in which:-Some of particles are charged and free to move-There are strong forces between particles throughout metal lattice-Force th ... osition of cracks.Ionic BondingIonic bonding ? electrostatic force of attraction between oppositely charged ionsUsually consists of metal and non-metalAnions will only be surrounded by cations and vic ...

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This is a essay about the unification theory.

lectrodynamics (QED), the quantum field theory of electromagnetism, became fully developed. In QED, charged particles interact as they emit and absorb photons (minute packets of electromagnetic radiat ... orces based on the exchange of four particles: the photon for electromagnetic interactions, and two charged W particles and a neutral Z particle for weak interactions. During the 1970s a similar quant ...

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The Aurorae- what causes the beautiful light displays. What impact does it have on Earth?

around the South Pole. Theauroral display stretches high into the atmosphere. In an auroral display,charged particles from the Sun strike the atoms and molecules of the Earth'satmosphere, causing them ... h nitrogen are responsible for blue and purple displays,depending on whether the nitrogen atoms are charged (ionized) or not.Although aurorae are ever-present, they are also ever-changing. Satellitess ...

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Ideas to Implementation.

Cathode Ray tubes allow a manipulation of a stream of charged particles*CRT - consist of evacuated glass tube containing two electrodes*High voltage is ap ... ass tube containing two electrodes*High voltage is applied across electrodes - stream of negatively charged particles from cathode to anode*Structures built around the cathode (e.g. electric plates an ... Charge particles produce an electric field*Electric field exists in any region that an electrically charged object experiences a force*A charge in an electric field experiences a force F = EqOppositel ...

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The Atom

An Atom is the smallest unit into which matter can be divided without the release of electrically charged particles. It also is the smallest unit of matter that has the characteristic properties of ... ost fundamental unit of matter.Thomson developed a model of an atom in which a number of negatively charged electrons were embedded in a sphere of positive electricity, with the two charges neutralisi ...

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The History of the Battery

rodes contains a positive charge and the other a negative. Between the electrodes flows a system of charged particles, called electrons, which is carried by the chemical solution called electrolyte. T ...

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The Resistance Of A Wire

ich opposes the flow of an electric current around a circuit so that energy is required to push the charged particles around the circuit. The circuit itself can resist the flow of particles if the wir ...

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er is comprised of atoms. Atoms are made up of three basic particles: protons, which are positively-charged particles; electrons, which are negatively-charged particles; and neutrons, which have no ch ... s center, called the nucleus, while the electrons orbit around the nucleus.Electrons are negatively-charged, and protons positively-charged. In a stable substance, therefore, the charges balance out a ...

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The Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen radiation belt is a doughnut form of energetic charged particles these are mostly protons and electrons which are located around the Earth and whic ...

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The Sun

tes through the middle layer, then bubbles and boils to the surface in a process called convection. Charged particles, called the solar wind, stream out at a million miles an hour. Magnetic fields wit ... of TNT is released in a matter of minutes. Flare activity picks up as sunspots increase. The Sun's charged, high-speed particles push and shape Earth's magnetic field into a teardrop shape. The magne ...

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GCSE, Physics: What affects the resistance of a piece of wire?

to heat energy in opposing electric current. Resistance involves collisions of the current-carrying charged particles with fixed particles that make up the structure of the conductors.This diagram sho ...

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Metals, Minerals & Gemstones: Types of bonding and their properties

on by bonding with other atoms. Atoms bond in three ways:1. Accepting or donating electrons to form charged particles which are attracted to each other.2. Sharing electrons with atoms of two or more a ... ent, and Metallic bonding.Ionic BondingIonic bonding is the electrical attraction of two oppositely charged atoms (cation and anions). Ionic bonding involves atoms forming as positive ions when they l ...

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