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is found. I will tell you what the uses are in plants and animals. I will also tell you about it's chemical structure and give examples of types of these compounds, such as cholesterol.The organic co ... ic compound is like.2. Where they are found.3. What the animals and plants use them for.4. What the chemical makeup is.5. I've also given examples of types of compounds.6. Explained what cholesterol is.

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Enzyme-controlled reaction, factors that affect the chemical structure and properties of the enzyme.

w any two factors affect the rate of an enzyme-controlled reaction. How do these factors affect the chemical structureand properties of the enzyme.Many things can affect the rate of enzyme activity. T ...

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Double Helix

bio-molecular research at Cambridge in 1951. Together, Watson and Crick attempted to determine the chemical structure of living matter. When their initial research failed to produce results, the dire ...

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What are Textiles?

ishes.Fibers contribute to a fabrics performance by the combination of a fibers physical structure, chemical structure, molecular structure and performance properties. A fabrics physical structure con ... being crimped, twisted, coiled or straight.Fibers are placed into generic groups because of similar chemical compositions. For example, cotton and flax are categorized in the natural cellulosic fiber ...

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Is people's health the price for high-tech progress?

e I get interested to know more about this substance, so I started doing some online searching. The chemical compound trichloroethylene is a chlorinated hydrocarbon commonly used as an industrial solv ... liquid with a sweet smell. In industry, it is informally referred to by the abbreviations TCE. The chemical formula of Trichloroethylene is CICH=CCL2, with the molecular formula C2HCl3. The appearanc ...

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Epilepsy Oral

nistered in large doses "h Diseases or conditions that alter or disturb the balance of blood or its chemical structure "h or diseases that damage the nerve cells in the brain can also cause epilepsy.H ...

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DNA is material that makes up chromosomes that contain the

ach other. Each strand contains a sequence of bases, also called nucleotides. A base is one of four chemicals that are adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine. The two strands of DNA are connected at e ... ase, as follows: Adenine will only bond with thymine, and guanine will only bond with cytosine. The chemical structure of everyone's DNA is the same. The only difference between people or any animal i ...

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Polycarbonate Vs. Acrylic

lan Bryant Chemistry Ms BishopPolycarbonate vs. AcrylicIn this report I will thoroughly discuss the chemical properties, makeup and effectiveness of the polymers polycarbonate and acrylic. I will eval ... imply the linking of the monomers to form the polymer (American Chemistry, 2007).Figure 1 shows the chemical structure of a simple hydrocarbon. Sourced from AmericanChemistry on 6 March 2009.There are ...

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Experiment on Quantitative Determination of Ksp

as performed:Name:Partner's Name:Pre-lab: Determination of KspExperimental purposeThe solubility of chemical substances in water often varies greatly depending on their chemical structure and the prev ... xperiment, Le Chatelier's Principle will be reinforced through exposure of solubility equilibria to chemical perturbations.Aims and Objectives of studyTo establish dissolution constant for precipitate ...

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Music, The Litmus Test for an Era

A Litmus test is method that chemists use to find out specific chemical properties of a solution. Its results tell the chemist whether the solution in question is ... ficant, seeing as though it does not give any deep incite to what the solution might contain or the chemical structure or properties of said solution, but it does allow the chemist to know exactly how ...

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scientific/descriptive essay

and prolonged arousal. This opposite effect on our brains from that of adenosine is because the two chemicals both belong to the same chemical group--making caffeine more feasible to confuse adenosine ... group--making caffeine more feasible to confuse adenosine receptors--while exhibiting the opposite chemical effects. Due to caffeine's similar chemical structure, adenosine receptors bind to caffeine ...

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BioChemistry Ag

between plants, animals and bacteria and the environment that they live and grow in. The science of chemical structures and how they are changed in the production, safety, and use of crops and livesto ... s.The goals of agricultural chemistry are to increase understanding of the causes and effects of biochemical reactions associated to plant and animal growth also to reveal opportunities to control tho ...

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