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Pathos in the film "City Lights"

Charlie Chaplin'sCity Lights, subtitled "A Comedy Romance in Pantomime," was released in 1931. Chaplin was responsibl ... 1931. Chaplin was responsible for the film's production, direction, editing, music, and screenplay. City Lights is a combination of pathos (an emotion of sympathetic pity), slapstick and comedy. In th ... in the scenes "Flower Girl", "This Time Stay Out" and "Still Hoping".The first example of pathos in City Lights is in the scene "the Flower Girl." In this scene he enters and exits a parked limousine ...

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Evolution of Women: An Analysis of Women Leads in the Films Adam's Rib, City Lights, and His Girl Friday

to peer into the sentiment of women 70 years ago up until today. In the three films that we viewed, City Lights, His Girl Friday and Adam's Rib, there is an evolution of the lead woman's gender role i ... mplication in order for any efforts at equality to transpire in society.In 1931, the earliest film, City Lights, the Blind Girl has a traditional role in society, abiding by gender roles of that time. ...

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"City Light" movie review

"City Lights" is a picture starring Charlie Chaplin. It is a silent film released after the advent of ... umor has similarities to Ben Stiller who often uses physical happenings to make the audience laugh."City Lights" was not entirely a silent film even though it is often put into the silent film categor ... vie.The romantic part of the movie centers around a beautiful blind woman that sells flowers on the city's street corners. Chaplin's character sees this woman and instantly falls for her. The blind wo ...

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Charlie Chaplin in the movie City Lights

ks someone stole his hat and coat when they are actually doing it out of courtesy. The movie City Lights was a simple movie loaded with humor. Out of everyday events, many comical events happen ... d. Wylie Sypher. Trans. Presses Universitaires de France. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1980. 61-190.City Lights, 1931. Dir. Charlie Chaplin. CBS/FOX Company, 1985.

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Charlie Chaplin; The Voice of Comedy

, pp. 108). This is clearly shown in many of his films but especially in the final close-up shot in City Lights. Other camera techniques used to create more complex comedic situations was the transfor ... , pp 109). Even the way he filmed actresses conveyed respect, giving them deep characterization. In City Lights, for example, the way that Chaplin had the camera film the blind woman when there is a d ...

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