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How far could the 3rd Reform Act be justifiably called a turning point?

the north underrepresented in Parliament. The uneven distribution of seats favoured the landowning classes who still tended to influence the representation of the smaller borough seats. The House of ... ive. The one-year residence requirement discriminated against the significant proportion if working-class males who moved frequently from one rented accommodation to another. Although the 1867 Act did ...

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"A Comparison of the Representations of the British Working Classes in the Cinema of the 1960's and the 1990's" This essay examines and compares the lives of the working classes in British film.

"A Comparison of the Representation of the British Working Classes in the Cinema of the 1960's and the 1990's"Throughout the history of British cinema the work ... ematic styles. In the 1930's films like "Night Mail" showed the every day activities of the working class in the style now known as the British documentary movement. Then in 1959 the New Wave movement ... " became very popular. These films focused on the "experiences of aggressive and rebellious working class males - the so called 'angry young men'" . And in the 1990's both comedy and stark realism hav ...

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Product Placement Analysis of the movie "Click" by Adam Sandler

e constituency. These views generally fit into the following demographics of middle to upper-middle class males,ages 17-25 years, no children, an annual income of $16,000 +, a high school diploma and ...

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Examine and Assess Strain and Subcultural theories of Crime

whose members can conform to moral and law abiding rule, generally thought of as being white middle class, and those whose members commit crime, usually young working-class males. It attempts to expla ... erton claimed that goals were linked to a person's position in the social structure; those in lower classes had restricted goals. He claimed that the system works well when there is a reasonable chanc ...

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Sociology of Religion – 8 and 12 mark questions.

f the world or their next life.(b) Most likely to participate in religion are young, white, working class males, and least likely are elderly, Asian, middle class females.The under 15 and the over 65 ... itish, showing just how important to their identity their religion is.Bibliography: notes I made in class.

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Traditional and Nontraditional Culture

estern versus eastern civilization.History shows past psychology work dominated by Caucasian middle class males, along with their similar training was similar perspectives, portrayals and assumptions ...

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