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Newfoundland's entry into Canada in 1949.

would have to be terminated after the war, and a solution for this problem would have to be found. Clement Attlee, the Dominions Secretary, visited Newfoundland in 1942. He was not particularly conce ...

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A Case Study: The General Election of 1951

t triumph for the Conservatives, defeat but no rout for the Socialists'THE NATIONAL PICTUREBy 1951, Clement Attlee's Labour Government was on its knees. Most of the promises set out by the Labour part ...

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Why did the conservatives lose the 1945 general election?

Finally in addition to the conservative poor election strategy, Churchill went so far as to accuse Attlee as being a dictator despite Attlee's loyal service in Churchill own cabinet during the war. T ... ent, and lack of a constructive campaign allowed labour to form its first majority government under Attlee.

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Nationalism Was The Prime Cause Of The Colonial Powers Rapid Retreat From Africa Between 1945 -1975

lushy socialism, or march to the third British Empire". The first post war government was headed by Clement Attlee. This government was responsible for the first significant decolonisation of part of ...

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Great Britain

pă sfârşitul războiului. În funcţia de prim ministru al Anglie vine Clement Attlee care îl înlocuieşte pe Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill reuş ... 9; poporul nu mai vroia să îi încredinţeze organizarea în timp de pace. Clement Attlee era un om cu o vastă experienţă, parlamentar, conciliant, acesta a reu ...

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