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A thematic essay about how religon has affected the world and history.

d probably only practiced in China. Since Confucianism is not officially a religion, China, being a communist countryprefer a non-religious beleif. Communism also bases their government on similar bel ...

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Why did the US become involved in military conflict with Vietnam?

largest capitalist country in the world. The American government felt if one single country became communist, it would eventually lead to its neighbouring countries becoming communist too. This theor ... to Vietnam, China, a country which was very large compared to its neighbours, had recently become a communist country, which could have had a massive effect if the Domino Theory was correct.In Vietnam ...

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The Vietnam War.

Ho Chi Ming introduced communisation to Vietnam. The people of North Vietnam wanted Vietnam to be a communist country, but the people of South Vietnam didn't. So South Vietnam decided to separate from ... rica joined the war between North and South Vietnam because America didn't want Vietnam to become a communist country. If South Vietnam became a communist country, it would have increased the number o ...

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What problems did the Weimar Republic face between 1919 and 1923?

from both the left and the right. The opposition from the left came from the Spartakus, a group of communists that hoped to take over the Government, and were representing the workers of Germany. The ... f the Spartakus received help from the Russian Basheuiks, the revolution that turned Russia in to a communist country. The Spartakus wanted to take over the capitalists so that the workers would not b ...

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Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the economic revival of Western Europe between 1945-1970.

n Western Europe. Since communism was firmly rebuffed in Western Europe, and the Soviet Union was a communist country, the United States' aid was accepted to help Western Europe begin its long period ...

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The Cuban Missile Crisis. What happened to prompt such a close confrontation

t the beginning of the crisis Cuba just had a revolution and had changed it government to that of a Communist ideology under the leadership of Fidel Castro. In 1961 the United States sent a group of C ... ed States sent a group of Cuban exiles on a CIA operation known as the Bay of Pigs to overthrow the communist government and to reinstate a democracy in Cuba, this operation was a failure and a major ...

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Communism in China

China had been changed after World War 2. Mao Zedong took the power and China became a communist country under his rule. Deng Xiaoping also made many changes in China. Both Mao Zedong and ... Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, China experienced many changes in economic policies. First, they accepted communist economy. This came from Marxism, the theory that everybody in a group should be equal. It ... g and Deng Xiaoping had differences to practice economic policies. Mao Zedong insisted that Chinese communist country could be formed at once by efforts of Chinese people. It was the Great Leap Forwar ...

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Analyse the role of Cuba in the development of the Cold War

Cuba had a major role in the development of the Cold War. In 1962 Cuba becomes a communist country bringing up tension between the island and the US. In 1962, the Missile Crisis and ... ficially that the island will be ruled under the doctrines of communism; it is at the time the only communist country in the West. This is seen as a threat to the US, since Cuba is only 90 miles away ...

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These are just some notes on the types of government to go with a research assignment I done when I was 15

thcare.But most capitalist governments also provide their own education, health and welfare servicesCommunistIn a communist country, the government owns things like businesses and farms.It provides it ...

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Experiences of Refugees/Immigrants

. Though, no matter how many obstacles attempted by the Vietnamese refugees, such as escaping their communist country through small boats or daring attempt to cross the borders of Cambodia and Laos, y ... eedom, during the conflict of their country. Their experiences of the war and the oppression of the communists are similar because the Vietnamese Refugees and Chinese Refugees both share the same thre ...

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Tibet, America, and the inconsistent rhetoric of the Truman Doctrine

der a major transition as its civil war ended. Under the leadership of Mao Zhe Dong, China became a Communist country. One of the first proclamations of this new government was to announce to the worl ... octrine to convince Congress to give money to prevent Greece and Turkey from being dominated by the Communists, but at the same time he also committed America to the moral role as the defender of free ...

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Review of "My life in Stalinist Russia" by Mary Leder.

ted States into the Soviet Union and then back. Leder is very optimistic when she ventured into the communist country. She does a fantastic job of portraying what life is like for a normal everyday wo ...

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Vietnam War

The North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong were fighting to unify North Vietnam and South Vietnam as a communist country. The Americans and Australians were fighting alongside the South Vietnamese armed ... l Australian troops brought home and by 1975 the USA pulled out of Vietnam, giving victory to their communist enemies, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese. My father was saddened by the loss of young A ...

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Why and with what success did the UN intervene in the Korean War?

had not been boycotting during the passing of the resolution. Considering North Korea was a fellow communist country, and how the Russians eventually supplied the Northern side with all of their weap ... ld be considered underrepresented since only Taiwan had a say in the security council. With the two communist giants away from the conference table, the US only had two other of amiable allies and a h ...

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Albania: The Cold War Years.

World War II the country was occupied by the Germans. When they retreated in 1944, a leader of the Communist-led resistance movement, Enver Hoxha, became head of the Albanian government. In 1946 a pe ... vered in 1978 but were renewed in 1991.At his death in 1985 Hoxha was the longest-serving head of a Communist country. Under his successor, Ramiz Alia, Albania slowly emerged from the isolation that h ...

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China: Economic growth and Regional Development.

r report attempts to analyze how these changes came about.The People's Republic of China has been a communist country since 1949. Communism and Liberalization would appear to be antagonistic to each o ... alization process in China and India?Reasons for liberalization'Great leap forward', started by the Communist Party in 1958, was the first move by China towards large-scale industrialization, largely ...

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US involvement in Indochina.

rce base to seize the whole pacific. The US already had Pearl Harbor, they couldn't afford to let a communist country, or maybe even their allies have South-East Asia. That would make them lose contro ... etween Japan and USA. Vietnam alone isn't that a big deal, but the US thought if Vietnam falls into communist hands, then Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc fill fall like a domino. The ...

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ave a huge number of homeless people. Countries such as USSR, which is on the left wing and being a communist country, people have lost the incentive to work bringing the economy down. Countries such ...

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We were asked to compare a Capitalist government/society to a Communist government/society.

f we lived in a capitalist country, the situation would be quite similar. However, if we lived in a communist country, no matter how hard we worked or what employment we would have, we would be paid t ... nt as everyone else would. In a capitalist country, people make their own decisions, meanwhile in a communist country; the government makes our decisions for us. A capitalist government is a much bett ...

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War in Vietnam

etnam War for its independence and unification. Leading on one side was a significant movement, the communist Viet Minh, formed by Ho Chi Minh in the 1940s to seek independence for Vietnam from France ... 975, after thirty four years of struggle and war, when they unified Vietnam as a single independent communist country after driving out the Americans and the French.In the 1850s, the French was in com ...

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