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Che Guevara

tobecome a government medical personnel. He refused this chance becausehe did not want to join the Communist party. Therefore, he was pennilessfor a number of years. Shortly thereafter, Guevara met o ... s the years went on, Guevara ran the department of industry forCuba. The government they formed was communist but very different fromthe then Russian government. Ernesto attacked the Russian style ofC ...

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Black Boy review of Richard Wrights novel

hicago, but only saw little difference in racial equality. In Chicago he began associating with the communist party: because of their fair treatment of blacks. Black Boy illustrates the plight of blac ... he is taken by its philosophies. He is most impressed on its stand on racial equality. He joins the communist party and becomes passionately active. Eventually Wright leaves the communist party becaus ...

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A Whisper of Change. Speaks of Nikolay Gogol's novel, "The Overcoat"

ing furtherinto the story, deep symbolism can be found. Gogol lived in Russia during the rise of thecommunist party, and was a great dissident of communism. He believed the inevitable endof a communis ... -thinking man, and so was againstGogol.Akaky himself is used as a symbol of the Russian people. The communists wereagainst any sort of free-thinking, and respected any man who performed his duties wit ...

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John Steinbeck's "Indubious Battle"

he scars of brutality and starvation deeply embedded in his heart, Jim Nolan became a member of the Communist Party. He was assigned to work with Mac, an able experienced organizer. Together they beca ... we come to know. They are Jim Nolan, the main character, Mac, a secondary main character that is a Communist Labor organizer, London, the leader of the fruit pickers, Doc Burton, a friend, and doctor ...

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"The Life and Hard Times of Grantly Marshall" A fictional story

he book Childbirth Without Pain, by Dr. Grantly Reed.His father ran for president in 1928 under the Communist Party.During this period in his life when they usually excluded him from the other kids, a ...

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n region of the union.The independent nations of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithua would not follow under communist rule again; they were willing to die for their freedom. The U.S.S.R was unable to persuade ... unterparts.With war waging in Eastern Europe the United Nations took action. The leader of Russia's communist party and president rejected the UN's cease-fire treaty. Russia was expelled from the Unit ...

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Stalin's Years Of Terror

ge for gaining absolute power by employing police repression against opposition elements within the Communist Party. The machinery of coercion had previously been used only against opponents of Bolshe ... rs to accelerate the pace of socialist industrialization. They put their hopes in the international communist movement and its program for world revolution. Stalin and Bukharin insisted onthe possibil ...

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Guilty or innocent? The story of Ethyl and Julius Rosenberg all about j & e Rosenberg

shortly after World War Two, and the nation was going through another Red Scare. Being a suspected communist made one as guilty as being a serial murderer in America. Communist North Korea and China ... When Russia detonated its first atom bomb, Americans were infuriated. They wanted to know how their Communist enemy got the secret to this dangerous weapon, and they wanted to blame someone.The Rosenb ...

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A comparitive essay on how George Orwell warned us of the Tiananmen Square uprising.

ople what Communism could become. He foreshadowed many events that eventually took place within the Communist Party. He described a government that had so much power over the people, that it could nev ... wealth or luxury or long life or happiness; only power, pure power...The German Nazis, the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their ...

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Zhu Xiao Di This essay is about the life of Zhu Xiao Di and how he lived in communist china.

Zhu Xiao Di lived in communist China for the majority of his childhood years. As he grew older he realized that the Commu ... ernment. This paper will discuss the question, "Why and when did people like Zhu, lose faith in the communist party?" From rebel organizations to beatings, there are many reasons why people would have ... rom rebel organizations to beatings, there are many reasons why people would have lost faith in the communist government. The government created its own downfall, by not keeping a good social relation ...

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Animal Farm, by George Orwell. The purpose of the paper is to describe the use of allegory and satire found in Animal Farm.

in hope for change. Although Orwell agreed with many of Marx's ideas, he did not agree with how the communist party was carrying out Marxism. In a way of expressing his dislike of communism he writes ... ner setting then that of an entire country, instead he chooses a simple farm as a setting. With the communist party portrayed as pigs, while the citizens of the U.S.S.R are cast as all of the other fa ...

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This is an essay, but it is mostly focussed on the biography of Leonid Brezhnev. It tells of his tiem in power, what he accomplished/didn't accomplish, and so on.

Leonid BrezhnevHe joined (1931) the Communist party and . In 1952 he became a secretary of the party's central committee. After sufferin ... 4, which Brezhnev helped to engineer, he was named first secretary (later general secretary) of the Communist party. Although sharing power with Alexei Kosygin, Brezhnev emerged as the chief figure in ... ine, making sure that the USSR could intervene in the domestic affairs of any Soviet bloc nation if Communist rule were threatened. While maintaining a tight rein in Eastern Europe, he favoured closer ...

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This the a brief story of Gorbachev's life, though mainly focussing on his time in power

orbachev studied law at Moscow Univ. Returning to Stavropol, he moved gradually upward in the local Communist party. In 1970, he became Stavropol party leader and was elected to the Supreme Soviet of ... me Soviet of the USSR. Regarded as a skilled technocrat and a reformer, Gorbachev joined (1978) the Communist party secretariat as agriculture secretary, and in 1980 he joined the politburo as the pro ...

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An Exploration of Milan Kundera's book The Unbearable Lightness of Being.This essay explores the atmosphere that existed just before and after the 'Prague Spring' uprising of 1968.

late 1960's, there were open challenges to the one-party state, which was solely controlled by the communist party. Alexander Dubček, leader of the Slovak section of the Communist Party, reassur ... the Communist Party, reassured the Soviet leaders that Czechoslovakia would remain faithful to the Communist principles, however, he continued to implement additional reforms which included letting f ...

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Stalin's rise to power as a result of Lenin's fall.

and had silenced hostile factions within the party. In fact, Lenin had set up a dictatorship of the Communist party, which controlled the hierarchy of local, regional, and central soviets. He retained ... t of chairman of the Council of People's Commissars and was a member of the ruling Politburo of the Communist party until his death.The strain of Lenin's labors destroyed his health. He suffered a str ...

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Khmer rouge.

not the only ones that were cruel to people. There is a country called Cambodia. Khmer rouge was a communist party in Cambodia. Khmer were the people that lived in Cambodia and had a civilization fro ... ilization from 9th to 15th century and Rouge means red. That is why Khmer rouge is the name for the communist party of Cambodia. Khmer represents the people in Cambodia and Rouge because all the commu ...

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Why did Stalin win the struggle for power, 1924-1929?

In 1922 the leader of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union (CPSU), Vladimir Lenin, appointed Joseph Stalin as the General S ... ear, Lenin suffered a stroke and began a long physical and mental break down, in which the powerful Communist even started to have doubts about the things that he and his party stood for.Stalin had in ... en the next target to reach was of the Congress which was held in Moscow and included the top 1,500 Communist Party members. The penultimate stage was the Central Committee which had only a small numb ...

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Why did Stalin launch the Great Terror, 1936-38?

nd Stalin was the 'boss' and firmly in control. However, there was still a little opposition in the Communist Party and a Party member called Ryutin circulated criticism of Stalin and how he ran the P ... f the NKVD, Beria, stopped the Terror presumably on Stalin's order.The arrests proved to damage the Communist Party and the Elites the most and the Central Committee had 110 out of 139 members arreste ...

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About Ludmilla Alexyeva: Coming of age During the Soviet Thaw.

y tried to accomplish this at great personal risks to themselves. She did not let pressure from the Communist Party interfere with her personal ethics. Alexeyeva was undoubtedly an inevitable by-produ ... ization. The effects of this modernization provoked her endeavor to change the Socialist society of Communist Russia.At a young age Alexeyeva was a devout communist. Her parents both became members of ...

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The Dragon & The Bear: The Geopolitical issue over Russia's Far East border with China.

as China itself, but with a population of only 6 million people, Luo, 40, was a village headman and Communist Party official in his native Heilongjiang province before going to Russia on a trade visit ...

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