Khmer rouge.

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The Nazis were not the only ones that were cruel to people. There is a country called Cambodia. Khmer rouge was a communist party in Cambodia. Khmer were the people that lived in Cambodia and had a civilization from 9th to 15th century and Rouge means red. That is why Khmer rouge is the name for the communist party of Cambodia. Khmer represents the people in Cambodia and Rouge because all the communist parties are red. The Americans also caused this. Cambodia became a communist city during the 1960's and 1990's. Khmer rouge came to power with Pol Plot.

United States of America and Lon Nol were the cause of the Khmer Rouge. Since USA was at war with Vietnam they put bombs in Cambodia. The US was using Cambodia as a territory of war that made the Communist mad. When Nol overthrew the Cambodian king Noronom Sihanouk, he was in charge of Cambodia.

Nol let the US use Cambodia, so Khmer Rouge didn't agree. In addition, Nol made Cambodia a republic. This act led to a civil war between Nol and Khmer Rouge. Lon Nol surrendered and Khmer Rouge set up a communist government with Pol Plot.

Pol Plot the Khmer Rouge leader started the reign. Mao the Chinese ruler influenced him. He wanted Cambodia as a communist country and a cultural revolution. He ordered everyone in his country to work on collective farms, where every one got same amount of money and where people where equal. Unfortunately the ones that denied that command where killed. Even the babies were thrown to the wall to death. People died by starvation, or they were killed, beaten to death or shot. In December 1978 the Vietnamese invade the Cambodia. In there Cambodia lost a lot of power. The Vietnamese were...