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This is an essay about the achivements of William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli.

e prime ministerwas Benjamin Disraeli. The biggest difference between them was that Disraeli ledthe Conservative Party and Gladstone led the Liberal Party.Benjamin Disraeli was born in London. He was ... cameChristian. He wrote several novels before he became prime minister. He set thefoundation of his conservative philosophy through the "London Times", in whichhe supported the reforms of helping the ...

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Why does Gladstone decide to join the Liberal party (England) in 1859 and what does he have to contribute to Liberalism?

high Toryism of his youth began in the 1840s and found final confirmation in 1859 when he quit the Conservative Party to join Palmerston's government. The shift in outlook reflected the combined effe ...

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Lloyd George's government was destroyed more by his style than by the content of his policies.

tent of his policiesFrom 1916-1922, Lloyd George, a Liberal, was in a coalition government with the Conservatives. The Conservatives entered this coalition as they had been out of power since 1902 and ... a capable, flexible realist. There was strong support for Lloyd George in the highest ranks of the Conservative party, as they had worked with him during the war, however, the back-benchers were will ...

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Why did Lloyd George fall from power in 1922?

many other Liberal MPs people whom should have been supporters. Instead he became a prisoner of the Conservative Party the main bulk of the coalition. Lloyd George's policies of reform and views on th ... tion. Lloyd George's policies of reform and views on the Irish question were incompatible with many conservatives. Whom when it came to 1922 would abandon him. This incompatibility stifled the coaliti ...

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Is Social Class Still A Powerful Influence On Voting Behaviour? British Politics

lishment and detail' (Pulzer, 1967). Labour were seen as the party of the working class, whilst the Conservative party were seen to represent the middle class. There has been a great deal of speculati ... lass and by maintaining this core vote the Labour party have a considerable numerical advantage.The Conservative party was known as the party of homeowners, the middle class. They have however attempt ...

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Write a detailed comparison between a Tabloid and a Broadsheet newspaper

The Daily Telegraph and The Sun are both newspapers that support the Conservative Party and are both stereotypical of their type. The best-selling tabloid newspaper is T ...

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Winston Churchill

om public life proved unpermanent. At Blenheim he plotted an attack on the Central Committee of the Conservative Party formed chiefly, according to WSC, "of members of the Carlton Club." The first ste ... rs of the Carlton Club." The first step was to gain control of the Council of the National Union of Conservative Associations. But Lord Randolph maintained cordial relations with Lord Salisbury and Si ...

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Bias of the canadan supreme court

iament. The Western focuses on the subject of the judicial review committee. Both articles show the Conservative Party opinion that the appointment of Louise Charron and Rosalie Abella are just a way ... t the author. It is one step up from a Parliamentary hill gossip column. It attempts to portray the Conservative contingent, Peter Mackay and Vic Toews as whiners. It attempts to cast a sore loser fee ...

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How successful was Peel's 'Great Ministry' of 1841-46

s probably to oppose Whig ideals and to win the elections.Peel's party had of course now become the Conservative party that gave the impression that they had new ideas and new thinking would be employ ... ever, historians have argued that Peel won the election because of his traditional Tory rather than Conservative or enlightened ideas.As far as social reform was concerned these were the changes that ...

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Why did the conservatives lose the 1945 general election?

g support while 'Churchill...was both surprised and stunned' by the crushing defeat suffered by the conservatives. How this swing of opinion came about is not only due the failings of the conservative ... ctory was believed by many to win the election on his personality and wartime leadership alone. The conservatives themselves were so sure of this that they based their entire election campaign on this ...

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Causes of WWII

oslovakia? At that time, Britain's policy which against Germany wasn't strict because they were the Conservative Party. And then, Britain was kind of liked Hitler more than Soviet because Soviet was C ...

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Freedom From Want

t such declaration even though Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent was under pressure from part of the conservative party. Because it is understandable for Canadians to explore the human rights as people ...

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Margaret Thatcher

served as Britain's prime minister from 1979 to 1990 (Young3). She became prime minister after the Conservative Party; led by her, defeated theLabour Party in parliamentary elections in 1979. She rem ... ttorney (Young 3). However, her realpassion was politics, and she soon joined the Oxford University Conservative Association(OUCA). Her first direct experience in politics came in 1945 when she canvas ...

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Examine the contention that urban policy should focus on places rather than people.

level. There has been three of ways since the 1960's in which this has been attempted. In 1970 the Conservative party started a socially driven attempted to reduce poverty in urban areas, this was la ... n attempted to reduce poverty in urban areas, this was later taken over by labour in 1974 until the conservatives once again took power in 1979. This time under Margaret Thatcher, who took a new view ...

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Canadian Newspaper Articles 1900.

Niagara Hydro Approved.A team headed by the founder of the London health association, failed conservative party provincial legislator, horse breeder and prominent civic leader, Adam Beck propos ...

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In a democracy we have many rights. In a dictatorship people do not have the same rights.

group together to form pressure groups i.e. the Petrol people's lobby or political parties i.e. the Conservative party, to achieve the same ideals.Democracy.In a democracy everyone has one vote, which ... Newspapers and television will carry this message and others may join in too. Several years ago the Conservative introduced the Poll tax to pay for local government somewhat different than the old rat ...

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The Life of Winston Churchill

After his escape, he became a National Hero and ten months later he was elected as a member of the Conservative Party.His political career began in 1900 as Conservative MP for Oldham, a spot, which h ...

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Conservative and Liberal Ideologies in Canada

pinion. Both of the parties in question were founded on the basis of very opposing ideals; with the Conservative Party essentially mirroring British Toryism, based on ideas of conservatism, advocating ... izing civil rights, individual liberties and economic competition. The platforms of the Liberal and Conservative parties of Canada, in manifestation of their respective ideologies, have intertwined ov ...

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18th Century Politics

INTRODUCTION What do the people consider the Conservative party to be a joke?(Present day) · The party is split "“ no agreeing e.g Eu ... were numbered. However in 1874 they won an election- Mr. Benjamin Disraeli "“ who was to make the conservatives dominate politics into the next century. 1. THE DECISIONS OF BRITAIN · ...

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Describe The Organisation And Membership Of The British Conservative Party

The Organisation and Membership of the Conservative Party This report looks into the make-up of the Conservative Party, how the different d ... the make-up of the Conservative Party, how the different departments link up and its membership.The Conservative Party is the oldest of the current major political parties, and has been in power, eith ... hael Howard as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and David Davis as party chairman. There were 166 Conservative MP's voted in during the last general election.There are many different groups and inst ...

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