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Make or buy decisions are sometimes overruled for "strategic reasons".

rer with a strategy defining outsourcing as a competitive advantage.The "make or buy" decision is a corollary of market failure when customer's economic benefit is positive against the purchase price ...

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Mark Udall, political science, election process, constituancey, qoutes from Richard F Fenno, Jr.s 'The American Political Science Review.

esentation of self, it is necessary to understand his perception of his district constituency, "The corollary assumption is that the rest of us cannot understand the representative-constituency relati ...

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Response to the 2002 Washington Post article by Glenn Kessler, "Powell Pledges More Support For Colombia's Anti-Rebel War" Very opinion oriented.

e Bush administration has secured the right from Congress to increase foreign aid to Colombia, as a corollary to the war on terrorism. Columbia has already received 1.8 million dollars, to spend on th ...

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How and why has the relationship within the UK between politicians and judges changed over the last 30 years?

The gradual process of overlap between the roles of judges and ministers has occurred is a corollary to understanding the reasons as to why this has happened. In particular I shall be focusin ...

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The Roosevelt Corrolary

nomic and military power enabled it to enforce the Monroe Doctrine. But it was Theodore Roosevelt's Corollary that greatly extended it. The Doctrine, issued by President James Monroe in 1823, had basi ... r. Immediately he warned these to withdraw.With this, he "updated" the Monroe Doctrine with his new corollary. It was rather an addition or appendix to the Monroe Doctrine. In it Roosevelt proclaimed ...

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Leadership in asia

tern cultures, citizens have taken a fast course in the possible meanings of globalization (and its corollary concepts of governance, ethnicity, religion and societal values). Interestingly, while the ...

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Marketing Research - An Overview

ion to support marketing decision making, and the communication of this analysis to management. The corollary of this definition might be that marketing research is only done if there is at least a po ...

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Gap Case Study.

p brand customers to increase product and brand loyalty.Strategy.The following strategic points are corollary to Gap, Inc.'s use of im(x) to launch an interactive marketing campaign to achieve the afo ...

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Freedom of Religion: The Establishment Clause of the Constitution

According to Kathleen Sullivan, the unstated corollary of the Establishment Clause is the affirmative creation of a secular civil order. This in ... ally unreined free exercise of religion.I agree with Sullivan's initial assertion that the unstated corollary of the Establishment Clause is a creation of a secular civil order. Although Sullivan's ar ...

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Deeply influenced by the ideas of American social as well as racial supremacy, Roosevelt added his corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, which added all of Latin America to the sphere of influence and do ... s" This promise of American regulation of the Western Hemisphere became the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. It defined America's mission as that of a policeman enforcing the ...

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Corrections In Colorado

an exacerbating issue to the state presenting new challenges to the Department of Corrections. As a corollary, the management of the individual prisons in Colorado must also respond to these challenge ...

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Knowledge and Plato

forms would be a strait-jacket that does not fit in with what we actually experience. This has the corollary that ethical decisions cannot be made by reference to objective norms, but must depend on ...

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