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en, appointed by the Lord Chancellor or the Chancellor of theDuchy of Lancaster, in the name of the Crown. Magistrates are ordinarymembers of the community who sit in the Magistrates' Courts and whodi ... of the English court system. They areunpaid for what they do and therefore are not servants of the Crown. Thissupports their position of impartiality between the Crown and the publicwhom they serve. ...

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What factors influence sentencing in the courts of England and Wales?

encing in England and Wales is the appeal system. This deals with pleas against a conviction in the Crown Courts, which takes the form of a re-hearing. Only around 1% of offenders appeal against a dec ... offender, those who were older were increasingly more likely to receive a prison sentence from the Crown courts.In some cases the perpetrator of a crime may suffer from mental disabilities and should ...

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Critically assess the effectiveness of the criminal law as a means of protecting the environment from pollution.

ution. Furthermore, they are predominantly offences of Strict Liability. The maximum penalty in the Crown Court is 5 years imprisonment and unlimited fines, and in the Magistrates' Court it is 6 month ... is case, the defendant (Howe) appealed against a £42,000 fine imposed upon his company by the Crown Court for breaches of s 2 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and regulation 4 (2) o ...

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Merging of the Legal Professions

y are entitled to appear in appeals of committals for sentencing from the magistrate´s to the Crown Court. In 1979 a vote took place to decide whether or not there should be absolute coalescence ... year, the Legal Aid Scrutiny Report recommended that solicitors should be allowed to appear in the Crown Court for straightforward guilty pleas. This idea was later rejected in 1987 by the Government ...

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Undertake a critical analysis of Dispute Resolution in satisfying the objective of access to justice.

divisions, the High Court the highest first instance Civil Court, and also an appellate court, the Crown Court which deals with criminal jury trials and appeals from Magistrates Court, the County Cou ... 牋牋牋牋 In a unified criminal court, there should be three divisions, the crown division. the magistrate division and a new district division.4. 牋牋牋Ĥ ...

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A twist to the traditional story of the three little pigs

trial came they were once again put behind bars but this time it was inside the huge wood panelled court room. There were police guards everywhere and a huge crowd had come to watch. The jury were si ... urs. The pigs feared about their bacon. Finally, after many painstaking hours, the jury entered the court room. It had been an unanimous decision. Guilty! They were to be executed the next day.The pig ...

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Persuasive Essay: Curfews.

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UK law and legal system, criminal law, civil, law, statute law and common law

gether under criminal justice system; some of these are police, the courts, the prison service, the crown prosecution service and the national probation service. The work of these agencies is over loo ... wyers, so the clerk must be legally qualified in order to properly assist and advise the magistrate.CROWN COURT:Crown court is a bit bigger than magistrate court and only serious offences are tried in ...

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Critically Assess The Roles Of The Magistrates’ Courts And Lay Justice In The English System Of Justice

nal cases a year, which is 95 percent of all criminal trials, with the remaining being heard in the Crown Court. They are therefore often described as the backbone of the English criminal justice syst ... were 18% and 7%. Lambeth magistrates topped the league with 70% remands in custody and only 30% of Crown Court defendants released on bail. The National Association of Probation Officers also found t ...

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Asses The Evidence And Arguments Which Suggest That Female Crime And Delinquency Are Under Represented In Official Statistics

ndings in a more recent study in 1989 that used a sample of 2,884 male and 433 female defendants in Crown Courts. Hood compared the sentencing of men and women, controlling the variables, which he had ...

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d depends on the type of court in which the trial is being held. All criminal cases being held in a Crown court have twelve jurors, with the only exception being in a Coroner's court where between sev ... east two hours. If unanimity is not possible, the judge may accept the following majorities in both Crown Court and High Court cases (11-1, 10-2, 10-1, and 9-1). The person in charge of the jury, the ...

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The Legal Professions

ws. They illustrate their client in the front of the Magistrates, County court and some case in the Crown Court. However, they are required more experienced to advocate in the High Court. Finally, the ...

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Identify and evaluate the roles of the Prosecution and Defense in a criminal trial. Identify & discuss the sentencing powers, available to a Judge in a specific criminal case.

Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) and The Prosecution of Offences Act 1985 lead to the establishment of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in 1986. The CPS is responsible, on behalf of the state, for prosecu ... ore notably the Guildhall Report (1999) for the large number of cases being dropped or acquitted by Crown Courts due to poor case management. These criticisms have lead to the CPS being re-organised. ...

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Visit to Court - Court Report

tim of crime is only part of the whole case against the accused (Carvan, J., 2005). Throughout, the Crown prosecuting barrister and defense barrister tested the evidence given from the victim of the c ... accused. The accused person is a person who has been charged with a crime (Corkery, J.F., 2002).F. Crown Prosecutor: brings the evidence against the accused person. The prosecution lawyer represents ...

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his could range from issuing warrants, granting bail /remand or issuing a committal/transfer to the Crown Court. The procedure in which the Magistrates Court works helps explain what interactions in c ... and joked about their children, their recent holidays and other cases. The lawyers spoke of mainly Crown Court cases which seemed to be of greater importance and interest to them. The lawyers were sl ...

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