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The report on the investment of the bond---taking a example of Generator Notes(GNA)

ed, in its capacity as trustee of the Generator Australia #1 Trust. The Generator Notes are form of debenture which derives their returns by reference to a portfolio of debt issued by 110 internationa ...

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Case analysis and comment: St George Bank Limited v FCT [2008] FCA 453.

y share subscription of common stock. LLC then lent US$350 million to SGB under an indenture, and a debenture was issued by SGB to LLC. SGB claimed deduction for interest payable to LLC pursuant to th ... s capital structure for the long-term structural benefit of SGB". It worth noticing to look "at the Debenture in its full commercial context, and recognising the interconnected legal structure put in ...

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Equity and Debt Financing

enefits5 5-6 6 6-7 7 7-8 8Types of Long Term Debt Financing - Advantages and DisadvantagesDebentures - Advantages and Disadvantages Term Loans - Advantages and Disadvantages Leases- Advantag ... shares of the company.In order to raise funds through Debt, company issues Debt instruments such as Debentures, etc. Debentures can further be classified as Convertible Debentures, Non-Convertible Deb ...

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