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The following is my Analysis of Julia Alvarez's use of imagery in In the Time of the Butterflies.

h each character's abilities to perceive events and recount situations. The Mirabal sisters(Patria, Dede, Minerva, and Maria Teresa) each have their own individual voices that we hear throughout the n ... escribes the political unrest, while her sisters endure political hardships that they are enduring. Dede's life contrasts Minerva's in that her actions are described in the third person.Formulating a ...

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Little Man Tate

to be like that of a potted plant.This seed of a boy was born into the caring hands of his mother, Dede Tate. Fulfilling her motherly duties, Dede tries to help little Freddy grow in to a mature gent ... most like bank education, because they are forcing education onto children, because they are smart. Dede Tate eventually allowed Fred to attend an interview, at Jane Grison's school. Fred was accepted ...

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The most heroic character in i

tional housekeeper, the one who lived unwillingly after all three sisters are gone, and her name is Dede.There is one common Chinese saying: one's lifetime character is determined by the age of three, ... istics they are expected to be heroines, to be the ones that stand up and speak loud. However, only Dede, a role model of a traditional woman, supposing doll for the man has changed. Even her father c ...

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Leading Marines

don't remember what time it was, but I escaped out of the house and I went to my Aunt and Uncle's, Dede and Ray. They weren't home unfortunatley, but that didn't stop me. I broke into their home and ... in the window. It was the Cops! I was so scared I jumped up and hid behind the couch on the floor. Dede and Ray came home and found me lying there and asked what had happened. I told them the whole s ...

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