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Gallery/Museum Critique

The two most dominant visual elements of design in this piece are line and color. Line is the basic element in art. It is capable of infinite ...

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Essay: Subject, Form and Content.

ng this image, I would say that it gives a sense or Unity/Harmony w/variety: emphasis on both unity and harmony. The lines, shapes, value, texture, color and form give it a sense of unity and harmony. ... hat are clearly formed are thick; thin, long, short, sharp, curved, dark, light, straight, circular and flared lines. The lines create shapes, objects and many different rhythms. Many shapes are expre ...

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Principles of design

PRINCIBLESOFDESIGNThe Principles of Design can be thought of as the tools applied to create innovative and uniqu ... thmEmphasisContrast and HarmonyUnityBalanceBalance occurs when the visual weights of the parts of a design are equally distributed so as to create equilibrium.Balance in design may be Formal or Inform ... is asymmetrical both sides of the access are equal but not identicalMore excitingEye moves over the designHorizontal Balance left and right sides of central lines are equal.Vertical Balance upper and ...

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