Essay: Subject, Form and Content.

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While flipping through the pages of a magazine, one page immediately caught my eye. ?This is the image that I want to discuss, its perfect.? I said to myself. It is clearly a work of art. While critiquing this image, I would say that it gives a sense or Unity/Harmony w/variety: emphasis on both unity and harmony. The lines, shapes, value, texture, color and form give it a sense of unity and harmony.

In this picture, line indefinitely protrudes. For example, lines that are clearly formed are thick; thin, long, short, sharp, curved, dark, light, straight, circular and flared lines. The lines create shapes, objects and many different rhythms. Many shapes are expressed in this image. There are rectangular, circular, triangular, oval, that make this image what it is. It expresses great balance and sense of direction. This picture also expresses good value, its contradiction and relationship between the shapes, colors and shadowing bring this image together, and they emit a sense or unity.

Of course, this being a printed picture in a magazine, the actual texture can only be flat, but if the image were to be observed as a portrait, then I believe that it also may have a flat texture. Although, if the picture were to be a computerized image, then it would have no texture at all. Clearly, this is an example of an invented texture, because it looks to be a creation of the artists? imagination. The color in this image is very interesting; different shades of yellow, green, red and black are combined to form emotions if this picture. Different objects are color coded to match the real colors of real life objects, giving it a life-like sense. When I critique this image, it gives me both flat and a...