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"The Making of a Slut" by Naomi Wolf's

tinize and criticize women more if they are sexually active.Wolf recalls from her past a girl named Dinah who at one point was a good friend of hers in junior high school until they went their separat ... or high school until they went their separate paths. The reason for the friendship breakup was that Dinah became labeled as a "bad" girl, and along with this label came the association of being a "slu ...

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Book Analysis of "The Red Tent", by Anita Diamant.

After reading Genesis 34, it tells the story of Dinah, Jacob's only daughter, who is forcibly taken and raped by a powerful prince. Later she is sav ... e red tent in the story, the marital dynamics of Jacob and his wives, and the relationships between Dinah and her mothers.In the novel, "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant, the word no has no real meaning ... t" retells the story as the coming together of two cultures and the desire of a woman to find love. Dinah was not raped, but Dinah had intercourse and later intermarried, showing no caution she allowe ...

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"The Red Tent" infuses a woman's blood with power.

take my breath away in manners unforeseen.More Than a Bible Story.Ostensibly, this is the story of Dinah. It is the story, though, told in a way you never heard it in Sunday School. Indeed, her story ... y classes.A quick retelling of the story as told in the Bible is useful to understanding this book. Dinah is the daughter of Jacob, only sister to Joseph (he of the coat of many colors). She is raped ...

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e and her best friend Amandabecomes friends with a mean girl named Gail. Winnie becomes friends withDinah who is really nice but not popular. Lots of things happen during theyear that make Winnie feel ... tell her she can't have a big party. Instead she canonly take one friend to dinner. Winnie chooses Dinah and when Amandaasks to come to her party Winnie tells her the truth and it makes Dinah feelgoo ...

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