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'Breaking Down Growth' (hypotonics)

use different types of plants/ seeds. - 5 beans (kidney, pinto, etc.) - at least 1-1 pint jar - distilled water - refrigerator - several liquid plant fertilizers (5-10-15) - 1- gallon plastic m ...

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Barium chloride plus silver nitrate equals silver chloride and barium nitrate

water from the barium chloride hydrate has been completely removed. The anhydrous salt is placed in distilled water for filtering and bonding purposes. The 1.0M silver nitrate solution is placed in wi ... sed on this experiment is that the barium chloride hydrate was dehydrated and then re-hydrated with distilled water. That solution was added to a solution of silver nitrate and then heated. A chemical ...

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Osmosis, of potato chips, got real good mark.

e from an area of high concentration of water to an area of lower concentration of water (e.g. from distilled water to concentrated sucrose solution). The reason for this is because of the natural ten ...

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This is a first year chemistry lab. It is a titration to discover which acid reducer (Tums or Hy-Vee brand) neutralized the most acid(portrayed by vinegar).

izer, using two mortars and pestels. Using a graduated cylinder, I filled two beakers with 50 mL of distilled water and labeled one "Tums" and one "Hy-Vee". After that, I added the tablets into their ...

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The solubility of Potassium Nitrate lab report.

eAim:The aim of this experiment is to find out by how much the solubility of potassium nitrate into distilled water increases when the solution is heated, and if yes, by how much.Hypothesis:According ... it to dissolve both faster, with more potassium nitrate.Apparatus:Bunsen burner25g Potassium nitrateDistilled waterBoiling tubeClampThermometerMethod:1) Weigh out 25g Potassium Nitrate into a boiling ...

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This investigation discusses Eggs' Mass in Different Solutions.

Eggs' Mass in Different SolutionsHypothesisEgg 1 in 150 mL of distilled water will undergo cytolosis.Egg 2 in the 0.9% saline solution will undergo plasmolysis.Eg ... sis.Materials8 200 mL beakers2 trays600 mL vinegar (acetic acid)9 g salt (sodium chloride)1, 150 mL distilled water150 mL corn syruppiece wax paper4 unfertilized eggstriple balance beamabsorbent paper ... ss of each egg. Place Egg 1 in the beaker labeled Beaker 1, which is filled with 150 milliliters of distilled water. Place Egg 2 in Beaker 2 filled with 0.9% saline solution, Egg 3 in Beaker 3 with 15 ...

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Title: Separation by Filtration and Crystallisation. The first year 11 Chem prac write up... the structure is at least correct... :p

Cl^2 mixture (Sodium chloride/copper (II) chloride mixture, 8g.)- C^2H^5OH (Ethanol, Approx. 25L.)- Distilled WaterMethod:Part A1. Place 4g of the NaCl/C mixture into a 100mL beaker. Add about 15mL of ... to cool.Part B:1. Place $ o the NaCl/CuCl^2 mixture in a 100mL beaker and dissolve in about 15mL of distilled water.2.Warm the solution with a Bunsen burner using a quite blue flame until crystals beg ...

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An investiagtion to establish the isotonic point of potato cell sap

high rate in the sucrose solution and therefore making their size bigger than at the start. As the distilled water solutions become stronger, I expect the rate of osmosis to increase (and, as a resul ... Measuring cylinders· Ruler· 12 pieces of potato (0.8g each)· 2 beakers· Distilled waterMethodWe cut 12 pieces of potato using the cork borer and knife, and then we weighed ...

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Lab report on Effect of black walnuts on surrounding vegetation

e. At first, a black walnut was taken and the outer layers were collected. Along with adding distilled water the black walnut remains were macerated together forming a thin liquid substance but ... ponge like material for the water and walnut mix that was soon to be contained. The first dish held distilled water. The black walnut mix was then poured into the second and third Petri dishes. Grass ...

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Establishing the concentration of a limewater solution

with 1g dm?3 of calcium hydroxide)9) Hydrochloric acid- standard solution (conc. 2.00 mol dm?3)10) Distilled waterSlaked lime dissolved in water is called limewater.Quicklime + Water ? Slaked limeCaO ... 3 of HCl from the original bottle and place it in the 500cm3 volumetric flask. Then I add 475cm3 of distilled water to the same volumetric flask, I measure the amount of water by looking at the gradua ...

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Rates of reactions coursework (GCSE)

for the magnesium to react with.Equipment:Eye protectionHydrochloric acid (1mol/dm3)Magnesium ribbonDistilled waterConical flaskDelivery tubeWater troughMeasuring Cylinders to collect gas, 100cm3Stopw ... w to make up the concentrations:Concentration of acid Volume of concentration cm3 Hydrochloric acid Distilled Water1.0 20cm3 20cm3 0cm30.8 20cm3 16cm3 4cm30.6 20cm3 12cm3 8cm30.4 20cm3 8cm3 12cm30.2 2 ...

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Coursework - Osmosis

te what concentration of sucrose solution is isotonic to potato cell sap.Apparatus:0M sucrose (aq) (distilled water)2M sucrose (aq)PotatoChip cutterKnifeBoiling tubesMeasuring cylinder (25cm3)Vernier ...

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To investigate how concentration effects osmosis on potato chips.

trations. These concentrations would be ones such as these; 0molar, 0.2m, 0.4m, 0.6m, 0.8m, 1.0 and distilled water.There are other factors involved and these are;1) Temperature2) Water potential of p ... er moved into the potato.Apparatus:Measuring Cylinder (cm?)- to measure the sucrosesolution and the distilled water.Digital Weighing Scales- to weigh the mass of the potatostrips.White Tile- to cut th ...

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a subsequent release of beetroot pigment will be released into its surrounding milieu(in this case distilled water).In the experiment I will examine if my hypothesis (above) is correct. In order to c ... st tube and so you have the same size beetroots and so a fair test.5. Rinse beetroot discs by using distilled water, keep pouring distilled water till the water coming of it becomes colourless rather ...

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Water of crystallization Aim:Prepare a standard solution of hydrated sodium borate to find the number of moles of water of crystallisation

1g Spatula Stirring rod with rubber end Dropping pipette Wash bottle of distilled water Funnel Volumetric flask, 250 cm3 Beaker, 250 cm3 Retort ... Pipette filler Beaker, 100cm3 White tile Conical flask, 250cm3Reagents used:Distilled WaterHydrated Sodium Borate1.0 M Hydrochloric acidScreened methyl orangeSodium Bor ...

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Water Potential of a Potato.

potential for water to move across a selectively permeable membrane, where the osmotic potential of distilled water is 0 (kPa) and any water movement is measured with a negative value.When a solute is ... t that they worked well.I am going to make a stock of 1M sucrose solution, that I will dilute using distilled water. From my preliminary result I can see that I do not need to use any sucrose solution ...

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To investigate the effect of surface area on the rate of reaction using the enzyme Catalase, found in potato, and the substrate Hydrogen Peroxide.

results so I will keep the chips as similar as possible. The apparatus should have been washed with distilled water and I will use a different conical flask for each test so that any reactants left in ...

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Experiment Prac Writeup. for reactions between metals and oxygen, water, dilute water and dilute alkali.

taper matches tripod Bunsen Burner Gauze Mat Metal Tongs Distilled Water SandpaperDiagram:METHOD:Part A: Reaction With OxygenCaution: Steps 1 and 2 ar ... an be used without cleaning2. Place each piece in a separate test tube and add about 5mL of distilled water to each. Observe and record any change.3. If Reaction occurs collect the gas ...

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How Salty is a Potato- A lab report

o a 7% salt solution, I pour (5 x (10-7)) mm of salt solution out and then I add (5 x (10-7)) mm of distilled water into the current solution. To change 50mm of 10% salt solution into an 0.5% salt sol ... 5% salt solution, I pour (5 x (10-0.5)) mm of salt solution out and then I add (5 x (10-0.5)) mm of distilled water into the current solution. So if n is the percentage of the salt I am trying to turn ...

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Effect of pH on Protein Digestion

test tubes #4,#1, and #5.Manipulated variable:*Using different solutions to the test tubes (pepsin, distilled water, HCI, and NaOH)Controlled variable:*the same amount of solution poured into each tes ... ite. Place two cubes in each of the test tubes.3)Using the 10 mL graduated cylinder, measure 5mL of distilled water and pour it into test tube #2. Repeat the procedure, but measure and pour 5 mL of HC ...

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