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Book Report "The Dolphin, Cousin to Man" By: Robert Stenuit 167 pages

name of a group of sea animals closely realated to whales an porpoises. Like whales and porpoises, dolphins are mammals, not fish. Mammals, unlike fish, feed their young with milk that is produced in ... nlike fish, feed their young with milk that is produced in the mother's body. Also unlike the fish, dolphins have lungs and are warm blooded, that is, their body temperature always stays about the sam ...

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Dolphins        Dolphins are small toothed whales thatbelong to the group known a ... mall toothed whales thatbelong to the group known as cetaceans.Cetaceans includes all whales, dolphins, andporpoises. The term dolphin and porpoiseshad often been used interchangeably in th ... guish the two. Scientists distinguishthe two by their teeth; porpoises have spade-shaped while dolphins have cone-shaped(Cerullo 4). Dolphins are predators who preyon either fish or squid(Le ...

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Baleen Whales

whalebone whales or great whales, form the Mysticeti, one of two suborders of the Cetacea (whales, dolphins, and porpoises). Baleen whales are characterized by having baleen plates for filtering food ...

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Test of effectiveness of fish regulation in Georges Bank

s not only the home to more than 100 species of fish, but is also the home to marine birds, whales, dolphins, and porpoises.Georges Bank, although not having the most productive fishery in the world, ...

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