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From Charity to Advocacy

tually helping the poor because in a sense, that is exactly what we are doing.An individual such as Dorothy Day is an individual who was able to do both. She not only established shelters for the home ...

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Dorothy Day's "The Long Loneliness" - and her issues with soup kitchens and simple christian life.

Mark Massa has described Dorothy Day's spiritual path as marked by the "downward path". Massa's meaning of the "downward path ... n of sin, sickness, and death.With this in mind, it becomes clear as to what Massa meant by calling Dorothy Day's spiritual path as marked by the "downward path". Day dedicated her life for the better ... d the "downward path" to ultimate salvation by helping others.I believe that Massa's observation of Dorothy Day does describe her well to an extent. The only part I do not agree with is although I kno ...

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Trappist Monks

ent prayer is necessary, I believe that in a way, the Trappist monks are being selfish. People like Dorothy Day and Oscar Romero, who actually went out to achieve social justice are actually putting t ...

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Dorothy day

Dorothy Day and Her Controversial Views Dorothy Day was a very compassionate women. She has made man ... that position in the first place? A better question might be, "How should we help the poor?" Should Dorothy Day and her followers have not only provided shelter and food for the homeless, but also hav ... r, many of her workers were jailed for refusing to be drafted in the service during the Vietnam War.Dorothy Day also got involved in the civil rights movement and came close to being killed while visi ...

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Dorothy Day in Entertaining Angels

I have learned a lot about Dorothy Day, from the movie Entertaining Angels and from various biographies. After going through al ... hrough all of that research I have concluded that she was a great person who did many great things. Dorothy Day lived a very fulfilling life in which she found what a lot of people do not ever get the ... s her true calling. Although, her calling meant living a life of constant sacrifice and commitment, Dorothy was more than up for the job. Her calling was not limited to one cause, quite the contrary, ...

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Los Angeles Catholic Worker and how it contributes to the Works of Mercy, the Works of Peace and the Spiritual Works of Mercy by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin

The Catholic Worker movement is composed of several Catholic communities founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. The Catholic Worker aim ... nities is the Los Angeles Catholic Worker. The LACW embodies several important characteristics that Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin personified: social activism, anarchism, pacifism, and service along wi ... Works of Mercy, and the Works of peace in the tradition of the original Catholic Worker started by Dorothy and Peter.Chris and Dan Delaney, a former nun, and a former priest, founded the Los Angeles ...

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Research Application Paper

006). Oral history interviews form the basis of an investigation into both the context and the everyday actions that contributed to the learning environment for women within the Catholic Worker Moveme ...

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Reflections From the Long Loneliness

Reflections From the Long LonelinessWhen Dorothy Day was young, her family did not practice religion. Early in her life, she attended churche ... at she would feel necessity to worship God in an organized Church. When she was working in Chicago, Dorothy Day lived in an apartment with a catholic household. The household's daughter--Bee, prayed e ... catholic household. The household's daughter--Bee, prayed every night and morning when she thought Dorothy Day had fallen asleep. She opined, "I too have difficulties, heartaches, questionings &helli ...

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