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Instrumental History Of the Drums

The first instrumental drum was called a timpani or kettledrums.This drums origin is of Eastern origin. Small kettledrums w ... rigin. Small kettledrums were introducedinto Europe as early as the 13th century.The European kettledrum , which is used in American orchestras also, derivesits special sound from the size and shape a ... nd shape and diameter of its bowl. Thisbowl is usually made of copper or fiberglass.Another primary drum is the snare drum. It was developed drom double-skinneddrum of medieval times known as the tabo ...

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It is an oral presintation on drumming and how the drum was made.

Drumming has been part of our daily lives before the flame was found. Hundreds of drumming enthusias ... ide each other, you'll find after a day or so that they are keeping time together.Encarta defines a Drum as a musical instrument consisting of one or two stretched membranes, called heads, held taut a ... l, and sounded by percussion; that is, by striking the instrument with the hands or with sticks.The drum shell holds the skin or skins taut and also acts as a resonator. Drum shells that are basically ...

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Drum history information.

Drums can be traced to the beginning of man.Hollowed out logs were found along with other artifacts. ... ns.Later on hides/skins were stretched over the end of a stump or log and this began the history of drums.If you are referring to the modern drumset,they started out as separate items:a bass drum,a sn ... ut as separate items:a bass drum,a snare drum a tom tom and cymbals.It took 3 or 4 people to play a drum part.Then someone connected a cymbal on top of the bass drum,which made it possible for 1 perso ...

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Singapore Containers PTE LTD. Main issues are quality and productivity.

change in the factory, there is also a change in their product. Instead of reconditioning 44 gallon drums, they now have to work on 55 gallon drums. Moreover, their customers have also changed. The ne ... not operational hence increasing dependence on old equipment that may not be suitable for 55 gallon drums. Moreover, due to the purchase of this new plant and property, they are already in a debt of $ ...

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Snare Drum, You and your instrument assignment

In class I play the snare drums, which are called the Side drum.The heads of the snare drums are made of calf skin (around whi ... ms are made of calf skin (around which the membrane is lapped) and a counter hoop. The heads of the drums are tightened by metal rods but at times, there can be drums that have heads that are tightene ... s that have heads that are tightened in military bands by rope lacings that run up the sides of the drum, (At times, there can be drums that have drumheads that are tightened by screws). Across the bo ...

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began his experiment one stormy Friday night, he poured some ingredients into a huge airtight metal drum that had all sorts of wires going into it, some connected to huge metal tanks others to a compu ... puter, some ingredients were sugar, water, jelly powder, chemical waste etc. He sealed the airtight drum then went to his computer were he had a program that he created specifically for his experiment ...

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