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Drum history information.

Drums can be traced to the beginning of man.Hollowed out logs were found along with other artifacts. ... ns.Later on hides/skins were stretched over the end of a stump or log and this began the history of drums.If you are referring to the modern drumset,they started out as separate items:a bass drum,a sn ... ut as separate items:a bass drum,a snare drum a tom tom and cymbals.It took 3 or 4 people to play a drum part.Then someone connected a cymbal on top of the bass drum,which made it possible for 1 perso ...

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How Recording Companies "con" Music Artists (also deals with file sharing)

7,500Legal fees: $ 10,000Recording Budget: $ 150,000Producer's advance: $ 50,000Studio fee: $ 52,500Drum Amp, Mic and Phase "Doctors": $ 3,000Recording tape: $ 8,000Equipment rental: $ 5,000Cartage an ... k: $ 5,000Promotional photo shoot and duplication: $ 2,000Band fund: $ 15,000New fancy professional drum kit: $ 5,000New fancy professional guitars [2]: $ 3,000New fancy professional guitar amp rigs [ ...

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Sound Production and Engineering Analysis: Three Pop Songs

feel. The instrumentation of this song consists of: vocals (male lead, fem. bkgd.), electric bass, drums (kick, snare, rims, hihats), organ, turntable scratches. The vocals (rapping) in this song are ... Live, 1964)This is a live recording from 1964. Onstage is a jazz trio consisting of: upright bass, drums (snare, rims, rides, hihats), and piano. Although the typical jazz trio would have the piano c ...

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Key Component Analysis: Fat Kid Rules the World by K. L. Going

he revised version twice as if cementing it. He does the same thing, for my benefit I presume, with drum sets. Then he starts on bands. It's only a few blocks, but by the time the cab pulls up to my a ... cunning, but in the quote he expresses his real personality and shows his character. He is doing a drum solo without drums as they are getting in the cab. And the main character Troy is getting embar ...

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music analysis

matic and fading away.Luk Thung Popular Song0'-11' is the intro section of the song which contained drum, and string instruments. From 11''-53'' is the vocal part which is accompanied by a kind of ele ... labic lyrics repeating and changing. From 53'-1'13 is the pure instrument performance part with the drum sets and electronic instruments like keyboard and guitar in a popular style. From 1'13 to the e ...

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