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Music analysis

Lam Klawn Repartee

Firstly, the music could be divided into two sections. Male vocal and female vocal, during each part, there will be subpart also.

There are total 5 parts in the first section. From 0''-5'' is an improvisation of an instrument which sounds like free-reed aerophone, which is free rhythm with a chord accompaniment. And from 5''-30'', the male vocalist entered into the song begins with an irregular improvisation. At first, there is only one syllable sound O, and then extended into 3 syllables still with free rhythm. From 30''-52'', the singer started the metered lyrics and with the duplication from 56''-1'10. Starting from 1'15-1'48, the rhythm speeds up and lyrics became like speaking or say rap. Rhythm is relatively regular and complete.

In the second section, there are also 5 parts. With the same instrument improvisation at the beginning 1'48 to 1'52 as the male part but the varied pitch which is a bit lower.

And then, the vocal improvisation's pitch is higher than the male's during 1'54 to 2'04. For following three parts, 2'09-2'25, 2'29 to 2'40 and 2'45 to the end is about the same as the male part but with different pitch. For the last part, the song became more rhythmatic and fading away.

Luk Thung Popular Song

0'-11' is the intro section of the song which contained drum, and string instruments. From 11''-53'' is the vocal part which is accompanied by a kind of electronic sound. And the rhythm is not so regular with syllabic lyrics repeating and changing. From 53'-1'13 is the pure instrument performance part with the drum sets and electronic instruments like keyboard and guitar in a popular style. From 1'13 to the end, vocalist appeared again with steady melody and rhythm.


It's a piece of instrumental...