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Critically compare and contrast traditional marxist and functionalist perspectives on crime.

interaction with others once outside the family domain. There are many explanations beginning with Durkheim who was a functionalist, there is Merton who doesn't totally agree with Durkheim but adopte ... interaction with others once outside the family domain. There are many explanations beginning with Durkheim who was a functionalist, there is Merton who doesn't totally agree with Durkheim but adopte ...

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Feminist writers.

than a prospective criminal. Women tended to be excluded altogether by theorist such as Merton and Durkheim for instance. Heidensohn (1985) showed four reasons for this: vicarious identification, mal ...

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Assess the usefulness of sociological explanations for patterns of educational achievement.

y which society prepares , within the children, the essential conditions of it's very existence..."(Durkheim, E.; "Education & Sociology"; 1968; p. 71)The functionalist perspective dominated the s ... tural" assumptions about knowledge and it's social distribution. Influenced by the work of Marx and Durkheim, Bernstein saw the differential access to knowledge as being tied to different language cod ...

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Why do people comply to social rules and expectation.

that deals with the issue of conformity and social order with much depth is that of Functionalism. Durkheim saw human being as having to sides to their nature- the homo duplex model. One side is cont ... in particular social situations. Norms are often seen as specific expressions of values. Therefore, Durkheim believed that the answer of why people comply with rules and expectation lie in consensus, ...

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"The main function of religion in society is the control of weaker social groups by the more powerful."

s come from many of the main sociological perspectives and include evidence from the likes of Marx, Durkheim, Weber, De Beauvoir, Engels and Turner.One of the main sociological arguments that would ag ... s function?'Functionalists tend to see religion as having a particularly positive role for society. Durkheim believes that society divides the world into sacred and profane things. He argues that obje ...

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What does Durkheim mean by anomie and why does he regard it as problematic?

Along with Marx and Weber, Durkheim outlined the characteristics of the transition of society to modernity and what was problem ... ransition of society to modernity and what was problematic with this shift. This essay will explain Durkheim's ideas on this transition, concentrating on the division of labour and social cohesion. I ... sion. I will explain how this path to modernity may lead to a state of anomie and outline the links Durkheim made with anomie and suicide. Finally, I will look at uses of the term made since Durkheim ...

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What is Suicide? And It's Effects on Family

as usually focus on all the negative aspects of their lives and believe that they cannot be helped. Durkheim concluded in his theory about the social causes of suicide that there are four types of sui ... suicide occurred among members of the military.3.Anomic suicide: represents the moral regulations. Durkheim divided it into four categories: acute and chronic economic anomie, and acute and chronic d ...

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Title: Critically assess the concepts used by Emile Durkheim in his analysis of the social changes caused by rapid industrialization and modernization.

tor as the determinant of social change and Weber's famous view on the great influence of religion, Durkheim tries to explain social change by means of explaining the society itself apart from its ind ... iating between social solidarity - one of the most important social fact that he is concerned with, Durkheim developed a series of theories to interpret the social change caused by industrialization a ...

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Emile Durkheim's "Suicide"

1. Durkheim suggests that suicide is tied with "moral life as a whole" (p. 45) not only in the text, bu ... r suicide count. But within the same country, the rate progressively increases over time.2. Durkheim turns to religion as a motivational factor for suicide. He mainly speaks of Protestantism, ... hoices for his self, then the only way out is seen to be fatalistic suicide.7. According to Durkheim, there are more suicides now because suicide is tied to "moral life as a whole", and as tim ...

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What is functionalism?

its role in terms of benefiting the whole of society.The orthodox functionalist approach focuses on Durkheim's attempts to explain the purpose of crime and deviance. He said that deviance is functiona ... hey say the orthodox argument ignores why certain groups in society produce deviance.A criticism of Durkheim's work (or a development on his arguments) comes from the Neo-Functionalists. Merton agreed ...

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Education and Marxism

iety.Firstly the Functionalist view will be briefly looked at, which contrasts with Marxist theory. Durkheim and Parsons are two key sociologists who saw education as important for socialisation, its ... ocess of 'social reproduction' is fundamental to the establishment and maintenance of social order. Durkheim argued that teaching of subjects such as history and RE promoted social solidarity, enablin ...

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What are the key assumptions of rational choice individualism. Are they valid assumptions? Cite examples to support your examples.

de tradition, emotion and other value oriented action. Traditionally the great sociologists such as Durkheim, Weber and Marx have all found economic rationalism insufficient. Rational choice theory co ...

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Sociology 110 notes, Very good notes on the basis of Sociology!! Helped me to get an A on the test!

Profit drives wages down/proletariat will revolt/pro. Forms new government and means of production3.Durkheim- Mechanical Solidarity= social solidarity based on shared values. Organic solidarity= funct ... el that life is meaningless. (MARX)Mechanical Solidarity- Social solidarity based on shared values.(DURKHEIM)Organic Solidarity- based on functional interdependence among people.(DURKHEIM)Anomie- A so ...

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The perspectives of Weber, Marx, Durkheim, and Toennies all share the commonconcept of modernization and the character of a modernize ... eds, a state he called Gesellschaft incontrast to Geimenschaft, the traditional sense of community. Durkheim had a moreoptimistic view of modernity, recognizing the diversity this would develop, but w ... e possibility toshape our future societies in ways that could never have been perceived by Toennies,Durkheim, Weber, or Marx. Only time will reveal our destiny.\REFERENCE LIST1. Macionis J. & Gerb ...

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'Deviance is indicative of an illness. It is a problem for society and needs to be eradicated' Critically evaluate this statement in the light of you knowledge about deviance

Durkheim rejected the definition of crime, which would constitute the commonsense of any society, th ... ute applicable to crimes in general is that they are socially proscribed and punished.Crime, argues Durkheim, is a universal feature of all societies. This is because crime serves a vital social funct ... ation of moral commitment among the conforming population who witness the suffering of the offender.Durkheim believed there are four functions of crime. The law makes the extremities of acceptable beh ...

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Social Evolution

years and is prevalent throughout the works of many famous theorists including: Comte, Spencer and Durkheim.Comte's ideas about social evolution were outlined in his law of three stages. Comte believ ... is possible only if each has a sphere of action which is peculiar to him; that is, a personality." (Durkheim, 1933, .p131) People in a society with organic solidarity are more likely to cooperate and ...

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Analyse and assess the contribution of feminist research to our understanding of society. (40 Marks) January 2003

cept in terms of the length of time sociology has existed. Original theories developed by Comte and Durkheim looked at society in terms of which functions each part of society carried out. It was a ve ...

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'Every sociological perspective has its limitations. However some are more useful than understanding society.' Assess this view. (40 Marks)

people believe in much the same thing and consequently their actions and patterns are predictable."Durkheim believed the very core of society is it values which are passed on and reinforced by family ...

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Merton's strain theory in relation to shoplifting.

Merton used Durkheim's concept of anomie to form his own theory, called Strain Theory. Merton argued that anomie ...

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Suicide Theories.

There are many different theories surrounding suicide. This essay shall briefly describe Durkheim's Sociological Theory of suicide and Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory. Psychological autopsies ... hneidman's shared characteristics of suicide. Suicide victims and prevention will also be discussed.Durkheim's Sociological Theory of suicide identifies three different types of suicide - egoistic, al ...

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