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Gift of a thousand worlds Part 9

he needed in his shoe. Then he soon got bored and decided to go into town. Lance was lured to where Elaine said she lived by some mystical force. He tapped on the door and a nun opened it. Noticing ho ... ened it. Noticing how skinny Lance was she offered him some food but he rejected it and asked where Elaine was. The nun's face turned sad suddenly and directed him up a stairway. He arrived at the top ...

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my name

1MooreElaine MooreMrs. GuerraEnglish Literature III AP 2nd Pd9-29-14My NameIn Greek, it means sunrays. In ... y were, and reach for that hidden individual.Growing up, I knew not of the true essence of my name. Elaine. I hated the sound of my name, I wanted a name that everyone else had. Elaine. A name that di ... entify who I was to myself. A name that people could spell the first time without missing a letter. Elaine. I used to hate how people would say my name, like they were in pain or sick trying to enunci ...

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