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How an electric generator works and what parts it consists of.

An electric generator is basically an electric motor working backwards. An electric motor converts elec ... otor working backwards. An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and an electric generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. An electric generator looks al ... nverts mechanical energy into electrical energy. An electric generator looks almost identical to an electric motor. Each consists of a loop that is able to rotate in a magnetic field. The electric mot ...

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How Hybrid Cars Work

effect. Or maybe you just want to have the coolest car on the block. The 2000 Honda Insight hybrid electric carCurrently, Honda and Toyota have the technology that might answer all of these needs. It ... rider. Hybrid vehicles are all around us. Most of the locomotives we see pulling trains are diesel-electric hybrids. Cities like Seattle have diesel-electric buses -- these can draw electric power fr ...

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Electrical motors essay, including: Crane motors, Lift motors, Double-cage induction motors, etc.

INTRODUCTIONStandard general-purpose motors have several advantages of importance to the user of electric motor drives. These arise due to the high degree of standardisation in terms of rating, dut ... drives. These arise due to the high degree of standardisation in terms of rating, duty, dimensions, electrical and thermal characteristics, and construction and also because they are manufactured in l ...

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Motors and Generators.

field*Pole pieces of magnet are curved - thus coil always lies parallel to field - torque always maxElectric Motors*Convert electrical energy into mechanical energy*Classified as eitheroAC motors - in ... lectromagnetic induction*Relative Motion between a conductor and magnetic field is used to generate electrical voltage*Produces an electrical current from passing a coil or circuit wire through a magn ...

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Future Cars of America

ted oil, along with a heightened concern about the environment, has led to an increased interest in electric cars as an alternative to traditional gas-powered automobiles. This essay will help to expl ... hybrid car works and how these cars are quite possibly more then a "hype" or "fad" as some sayTrue electric vehicles do not seem to achieve the requirements of the American car-buying public because ...

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Current from Synchronous Machines During Faults

en;ðf / (p/2)] , where p is the number of magnetic poles designed into each machine. Like other electrical machines, synchronous machines may be operated either as a motors or generators. There ar ... rrents that flow from the generator to the system.References:[1] Fitzgerald, Kingsley & Kusko, "Electric Machinery", 3rd Edition, F. E. Terman, Ed., New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1952[2] McP ...

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How an electric motor works

the current. These advancements became more and more complex with time, eventual evolving into the electric motors so widely used today. After the invention of the induction motor, alternating curren ...

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The Hybrid Alternative to Gasoline.

needs to be built throughout every city. The hybrid takes two types of cars that already exist, the electric and the gasoline powered car. It combines them into one car which is energy efficient, emis ... he person pedaling with the power of a small gasoline engine. On a larger scale there are nuclear / electric submarines. To go further there are also diesel / electric buses and mining trucks. As you ...

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Segway Scooter

parts that are; the solid-state gyroscopes, tilt sensors, high-speed microprocessors, and powerful electric motors. These four components replace the four main parts of our body that allow us to walk ...

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Electric Cars

Electric cars are meant to be economically and environmentally better for road way passage. Electric ... reate less pollution then gasoline powered cars making them more environmentally friendly. Although electric cars in shape are not much different then gasoline powered cars there are a lot more change ... red cars there are a lot more changes under the hood. The gasoline powered engine is replaced by an electric motor and then the electric motor is then powered by a controller the controller then recei ...

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Rotary Electro Motors Case

department the Technical services Department has been established and does this now.The custom-made electric motors are sold based on the offer prices. To get this done the sales department has to con ... with department it interacts when making an offer or sells something to a customer, is it a general electric motor or a custom-made electric motor. Now I will have a closer look at the sales departmen ...

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HSC Physics – Motors and Generators – Summary Notes

o. of coilsB = magnetic field strength (T)I = current through coil (A)A = area of coil (m2)•DC Electric Motor:•Loudspeaker: Current flows through coil attached to cardboard coil. Current var ... Generators for large scale power production•AC and DC generatorsoGenerator = mechanical energy electrical energyoCoil of wire surrounded by magnetic field, coil rotated (e.g. steam turbine), expe ...

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Siemens Electric Motor Works

DISCUSSIONE CASO SIEMENS ELECTRIC MOTOR WORKS (A)1)Breve descrizione dei due sistemi di costing e spiegazione degli elementi ...

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What are the differences between electrical cars and petrol/diesel fueled around the world? How can everyday life in a city be affected by these?

ticulates would be with the use of science. Science and technology are most of the time linked with electricity, which is the topic I will use. So the question is: what could be the ‘electric ... ll use. So the question is: what could be the ‘electric’ solution to pollution? Is it the electric car? To know if this is the best alternative we must first know how this car works and what ...

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The world

What is a motor made out of and how it works?A simple motor has six parts:Armature or rotorIn an electric motor the moving part is the rotor which turns the shaft to deliver the mechanical power. T ... certain AC and DC machines consisting of slip ring segments insulated from each other and from the electric motor's shaft. The motor's armature current is supplied through the stationary brushes in c ...

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