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Optical Networks

transmissions.All of these sources of information can be transmitted over long distances by regular electrical signals traveling over copper cables. The key to an optical network compared with an elec ... ith the electronic hardware of today. Conversion points are created to change the light pulses into electrical pulses; and, therefore, much of the speed that would be gained is lost at these points. A ...

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Electric circuit

Aim: To design a simple electrical circuit for Doctor's Surgery to let people know when to enter and also to research and le ...

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This is a note/assignment for class

a circuit-4 main parts an electric circuit has is wires, cell, switch, and load-The black wire in a electrical circuit is the hot or live wire and it carries the voltage into the house.-The white wire ... ammeter measures the amount of electric current flowing past a point in a circuit. Depending on the electrical appliance, the current varies. The SI unit for current is the ampere (A)-When electricity ...

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GCSE, Physics: What affects the resistance of a piece of wire?

Metals are good conductors of electrical current as they contain free electrons that are free to move about or flow and therefore ... carry and transfer energy as a current, Current is the measure, in amperes, of the rate of flow of electrical charge through a circuit. All circuits / components have resistance making it difficult f ... use of their increased energy. This causes more collisions, and collisions slow the rate of flow of electrical charge through the circuit, and so cause more resistance.- Material; the type of material ...

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CGSE Physics Coursework - Resistance in Wire

esistance is a property of an electric conductor which opposes a flow of electricity and dissipates electrical energy away from the circuit, usually as heat. This heat is created when free electrons c ...

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