Will the length of wire affect the resistance?

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A variable is something that can be changed or measured. The following is a list of variables that can be changed in the experiment that I will be doing:

·Changing the length of the wire

·Increasing the cross-section of the wire

·Changing the material used

·Changing the temperature

·Changing the resistance of the wire

·Changing the voltage going across the wire

·Changing the current going across the wire

For my experiment I will proceed to test out whether the length of the wire will affect the average resistance. Before I can carry out my real experiment, I will need to do a preliminary experiment that will tell me how much voltage I will need for the varying lengths of wire. I will use the wire called WG28 Constantan wire.


To make the experiment a fair test, I will need to keep all the equipment the same, make sure I am as accurate as I can when measuring the varying length of wire and make sure I record all the results more than once in order to get an average and accurate reading of the results.



To assure that my experiment is going to be 100% safe, I will make sure that I don't use a voltage that is too high which will make the wire get too hot and burn out.

I will also make sure that all the equipment is on a flat surface so that it can't fall and damage anyone or anything.

We will use a low voltage supply.


To calculate the resistance of the wire we will have to use Ohms Law which is a triangle of voltage divided by current which will give me the totaled resistance.


I predict that the longer the...