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for this essay I investigated Ohms Law. I investigated the effect that the length and the thickness of wire had on the resistance.

re are five main factors that affect resistance. These arei.Length of wireii.Temperature of wireiii.Voltage that is used to push current around circuit.iv.Thickness of piece of wire.v.Material.i.If th ... h the wire particles more frequently than if the wire was cool.I.E ?Cool Wire Heated Wireiii.If the voltage in the wire is increased, the heat of the wire will increase. As with ii. the particles will ...

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An experiment to investigate the factors which affect the resistance in a wire.

exactly the same as the room temperature might change from day to day. It is essential to use a low voltage because it means a low current that will not heat up the wires. If a high voltage is used th ... . Resistance 1/Area.This can be explained using the formulaR = V/IWhere R=Resistance, I= Current, V=VoltageWhen there is twice the current, and the voltage is the same, resistance will halve. The resi ...

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Will the length of wire affect the resistance?

used·Changing the temperature·Changing the resistance of the wire·Changing the voltage going across the wire·Changing the current going across the wireFor my experiment I w ... carry out my real experiment, I will need to do a preliminary experiment that will tell me how much voltage I will need for the varying lengths of wire. I will use the wire called WG28 Constantan wire ...

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GCSE Physics Coursework - Resistance of a Wire Coursework Resistance of a Wire

a length of wire is calculated by measuring the current present in the circuit (in series) and the voltage across the wire (in parallel). These measurements are then applied to this formula:V = I &ce ... re (in parallel). These measurements are then applied to this formula:V = I ¢¥ R where V = Voltage, I = Current and R = ResistanceThis can be rearranged to:R = VIOhm's LawIt is also relevant ...

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Investigating the factors which effect the heating up of a liquid

are several different variables that I could have chosen to investigate. These include changing the voltage, the volume of the liquid, the liquid, time and the current. Voltage is the measure of energ ... there is after each minute of time. This can be calculated using the equationEnergy = VIT (Energy = voltage x current x time). Particles in a liquid contain kinetic energy and so they must have an ave ...

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Investigating the rate of electrolysis. An investigation to find out what factors affect the rate of electrolysis of a solution containing copper (II) ions.

reaction and also the deposit of copper metal at the cathode.These variables could include:· Voltage· Concentration of solution/ Quantity of Solution· Surface area/ Size of Electr ... dot; Distance between the electrodesThese variables all have a way of changing the rate of reaction.Voltage:Changing the voltage of the circuit would affect the rate of reaction because as Ohm's law s ...

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The change of resistance through various lengths of wire.

wirePLANINTRODUCTIONResistance is something in a circuit which slows down the current. Usually, the voltage and the resistance are balanced, but if you increase the resistance, less current would flow ... are balanced, but if you increase the resistance, less current would flow and if you increased the voltage, more current would flow. Resistance is measured in 'Ohms'.Factors which affect resistance a ...

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Investigating how the resistance of a wire Changes with length

to see the change and affect it has on the resistance. I plan to the take readings current when the voltage is at two, four, six and eight. So I am also changing the voltage, electrical push, as well ... ing up the length. This allowed us to decrease the length each time by ten centimetres. Then as the voltage increased by twos up to eight we measured the current. So for each length four different cur ...

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Factors affecting the resistance of a wire

power supply carefully. Be careful when touching the wire, it may be hot, it might even burn if the voltage exceeds above 8 volts. Do not carry out the experiment in wet areas, as waster is a very goo ... ent passing through the wire will not change until all the lengths of wire have been tested and the voltages recorded, then I will increase/decrease the current to the desired voltage. After every tim ...

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Investigation into resistance of a wire (contains spaces for diagrams).

a piece of wire.PlanningPlanning 1: Preliminary Work:I performed preliminary work to evaluate what voltage I was going to use for my proper experiment. The apparatus I will use for the preliminary is ... ectors with corresponding 2*Crocodile clips.· 1* Power pack with an available output voltage of above 1v.The disadvantage of using the same apparatus for both experiments (preliminary a ...

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Hows does changing the length of wire affect resistance?

erŸ Set up the appropriate circuitŸ decrease the length of wire by 10cmsŸ Write down Voltage and the current in the circuitContinue until the two clips are touching at 0cmsŸ Repeat ... we will use the wire (which is decided the most reliable source of results with no fluctuations of voltage or current and a obvious pattern of increasing/decreasing results) and attach to the metre r ...

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Diagnostic Test: 12V alternator Output test

he battery drain continues, and engine speed increases, the charging system is able to produce more voltage than the battery can deliver. When this occurs, the electrons from the charging device are a ... ld up and recharge the battery.Diagnosis1. With a multimeter/ voltmeter measure the battery voltage at the battery terminals with the engine turned off. Remember that positive (red) terminal o ...

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Length affects the resistance

exactly the same as the room temperature might change from day to day. It is essential to use a low voltage because it means a low current that will not heat up the wires. If a high voltage is used th ... he resistance, the lower the current. If there is high resistance, to get the same current a higher voltage will be needed to provide an extra push for the electricity.Some metals have less resistance ...

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To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire.

am going to keep the same. Variables that I am going to change.Width- 0.36mm2Material- Nichrome wireVoltage- 2VTemperature- Room TemperatureLength- 10cm, 20 cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cmMaterial- NichromeLengt ... ce.The resistance of a conductor is defined by the equation: R=VIResistance = Potential difference (Voltage)(V)Current (amps)Therefore I will be using this formula to give me the resistance, where the ...

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Notes on series and parallel circuts in Electricity

n prevent electrons from flowing)Law #2 - when there are two or more loads in a series circuit, the voltage drop across each load is a fraction of the total voltage supplied by the sourcevoltage acros ... e sourcevoltage across each load decreases as additional loads are wired into circuitthe sum of the voltage drops across each load = voltage of sourceV1 = I R1 V2 = I R2 V3 = I R3VT = V1 + V2 + V3 + . ...

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An investigation into how the diameter of a wire affects its resistance

he wire.In order to keep it a fair test I will need to keep the following things the same:-The same voltage of electricity entering the circuit (I used 6V)-The length of the wire-The temperature-The t ... nd I will deal with them as shown below:Hazard 1: Electricity: What I will do is make sure that the voltage never gets dangerously high to make sure that a) nobody is electrocuted and b) so that the w ...

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GCSE, Physics: What affects the resistance of a piece of wire?

e is twice the current sinceI (current)= Q (charge)t (time, sec)And also because R (resistance)= V (voltage)I (current),this means that twice the current halves the resistance when p.d. is kept consta ... he current I will use, to do this I did an ohm's law experiment using two lengths, and changing the voltage:Potential Difference (v) Current (A) Resistance (Ω)10cm 0.06 0.16 0.40.22 0.36 0.60.4 ...

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CGSE Physics Coursework - Resistance in Wire

Measure Resistance?Resistance in wire is calculated using a simple formula shown below:V = I x RV = Voltage (Measured in parallel)I = Current (Measured in series)R = ResistanceThis can be rearranged t ... is can be rearranged to:VR = ---- This is Ohm's LawIOhm's Law states that the potential difference (voltage) and the current being passed between the ends of a metallic conductor (the wire) are at a g ...

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Laboratory Investigation into the Resistance of a Filament Bulb

0 voltsDiagram:Variables:Controlled Variables: Filament bulb of the same typeIndependent Variables: VoltageDependant Variable: Current (that is what was measured due to the voltage change), Temperatur ... t was measured due to the voltage change), Temperature (increased as bulb got brighter)Results:P.D. voltage(v)Trial 1 Current (a)Trial 2 Current (a)Average Current (a)Trial 1Temperature(Celsius) Trial ...

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Applying Ohm's Law

I.Introduction: The voltage drop (V) across and electrical component of resistance (R) that has a current (I) through it ... is given by V = I R. By varying the current through a resistor, one can measure the changes in the voltage drop across the resistor. Once the data is acquired, a graph in a linear plot will be the be ... thecorrect assembly is used.3) Turn on the multimeter (start at lowestsensitivity).4) Increase the voltage and measure data5) Create a data table, diagram, and/or graphthat displays the resistance.IV ...

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