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Bruce Dawe's "Enter Without So Much As Knocking": An Analysis

tanza instantly creates the feeling of a home in the 1950s, where television was something new. The ellipsis that connects the first and second stanzas demonstrates a change in time, in this case, a c ...

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Dubliners: Discussing the Strategy of James Joyce

he's gone to a better world" (8). Joyce uses euphemism in this scene of "The Sisters." He also uses ellipsis when Nannie asks "Did he ..... peacefully" (9) regarding the death of Father Flynn. The ".. ... ission of a word, which is most likely "die" in this case. Joyce used these themes of euphemism and ellipsis to alleviate the pain suffered in sensitive issues like death among Dubliners. But the lang ...

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Four ways in which cohesion is achieved in written discourse

h language. I will discuss four of these ways in this writing: co-reference, lexical relationships, ellipsis and conjunctive relations.Co-referenceIn semantics, this term refers to the relationship th ... py is going to bite the young boy. (synonym)The beast is going to bite the young boy. (general word)EllipsisEllipsis are grammatical relationships. It involves omitting items but not replacing them wi ...

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