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Sparta - in comparison with Greek

trary rules with other Greeks. The most important features in Sparta were women, education, and the Ephors. These features influenced the life of Sparta. There are advantages and disadvantages in thes ... nd disadvantages in these features. Firstly, I will discuss women and followed by education and the Ephors.Women in Sparta had different lifestyle with other Greeks women. "Lycurgus felt that slave gi ...

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Evaluate the importance of the following in the Spartan System of government;-Kings-Gerousia-Ephors-ApellaAll aspects of the Spartan government was arranged into a hierarchy, with a mixed const ... two Kings and the Gerousia were the most important powers in Spartan government, but over time the Ephors gained a lot more supremacy and dominance. However, the Kings, Gerousia, Ephors, and Apella a ...

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The Role of the Spartan Education System, the Agoge

ucation" system, the agoge.Spartan education began soon after birth, where babies were inspected by Ephors and cast onto the slopes of Mt Taygetus if the Spartan health standards were not met. Boys we ... ics, and athletics.The agoge was watched over by the Paidonomos or warden, who was appointed by the Ephorate. This man assigned those youths who were to reprimand younger boys and selected exemplary e ...

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Kings of Sparta

in the political system. In the political system of Sparta, power was divided among the two kings, Ephors, the Gerousia and the Ekklesia. The kings had seats on the Gerousia, also known as the counci ... s on which to vote. The Gerousia was also the highest court in Sparta which tried murder cases. The Ephors whom there were five of, acted as overseers of kings and watched over the kings activities to ...

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